Echoleft release notes
Echoleft release notes

💜 Pre-Release Notes: Updating Gift Aid & Donation Process





We're making changes to how we collect Gift Aid on the site to make it quicker and easier for donors, and to make your collection of Gift Aid more robust.

A description is below, but if you'd prefer to see the changes, we've made a quick video:

The changes to the donation process will be rolled out over the next 7 days.

A new experience for donors.

Donors will now be asked about Gift Aid at the start of the donation process. Only if they indicate the donation is eligible for Gift Aid will they be asked to provide a home address.

This makes things faster for donations that are not eligible for Gift Aid, and limits the amount of personal information that is gathered from donors without being needed.

A better experience for admins.

When viewing donations in Control Panel, admin's can now see more clearly whether the donation is eligible for Gift Aid. They can also see the exact wording that was in the Gift Aid declarations at the time the donation was made.

More customisable Gift Aid declarations.

Organisations can now edit the Gift Aid declarations their donors make. This makes it easier to match the Gift Aid experience for their donors across all of their digital fundraising.

In Control Panel, visit Settings > Gift Aid Settings, where you will be able to update the Gift Aid statement and then add, edit and remove individual Gift Aid declarations.

A new “Your Data” step during donations.

Based on your feedback, a new step will be shown to donors before they confirm their donation. At the moment, this shows the “Anonymous Donation” and “Share your personal details“ options that are already provided for donors, however this will soon be customisable to allow you to add Data Consent Fields, so you can ask donors permission to use their data in a way that matches your GDPR and data consent policies.

This is part of the wider roll-out of our Data Consent Fields feature and we're excited to make it available for everyone, thank you to everyone who has helped us test it so far.