Echoleft release notes
Echoleft release notes

Email Follow-Ups Launching 🚀





Today we're rolling out something we mentioned in our last release and have been working on for a little while, something we’re really excited about: Email Follow-Ups 🥳

When you perform certain actions in Echoleft, for example creating a new fundraising page, you receive a confirmation email giving you some useful information about your page.

You'll now also receive follow-up emails letting you know more about what you can do with Echoleft. For a fundraising page, that might include advice on how to get your first donations, adding photos, adding status updates and sharing on social media. Of course, we make it easy to unsubscribe from these follow-ups with one click, you don't need to remember your password or anything like that to unsubscribe.

We've got a range of useful email follow-ups rolling out over the next few weeks.

Really great emails and easy unsubscribe links are already pretty thrilling, but here's what we're especially excited about: this opens up opportunities for organisations and good causes to deliver more of their message to supporters, making sure that it's done in a GDPR-compliant way.

Here are some examples:

  • Tell fundraisers more about the story of the work their money supports.

  • Provide additional space for corporate partners and sponsors to share their message, so you can increase the value of your corporate giving offering.

  • Provide additional support materials to families using in-memory giving, or let them know about your legacy giving services.

We're looking for organisations that want to personalise their donation, fundraising and campaign email follow-ups to provide more of their story to their supporters. We're already approaching select organisations using Echoleft, but we'd love to start more conversations so get in touch.