Easybooking changelog
Easybooking changelog

Print roomplan





In roomplan settings a new function was added: Print the roomplan






The performance of the roomplan was improved especially helping when managing allot of bookings.

Room Plan Sorting





New Sorting Feature in Room Plan: sort by room name
(inside of Room Plan settings)

Channel Manager Update





  • New Channel added: Deskline
  • Booking.com rates can be used to define prices for Reservations / Bookings
  • Channels can now be cancelled within 'Account Settings'

Channel Manager





  • Channel Manager was added to connect to booking.com
    more channels will follow soon (airbnb, Deskline, Expedia)






  • added the possibility to chat with guests using SARA App

Guest Notification





June update paid version

  • Guest Notification
    Send Confirmation Emails to Guests
  • Integration with SARA
    Guests using SARA can now see the booking details in the app

First Paid Version

May update - first paid version

  • Invoices & Payments
  • Use Facebook or Google to login to Julie

Free Version Released

[We prouldy pressent the first free for Software for Accomodation]

We’ve added some cool features to all users:

  • Dashboard & Task Manager
  • Define your Room Categories - incl. Pictures and Features
  • Roomplan - Visually manage Reservations and Bookings
  • Checkin/Checkout Guests
  • Add Products to Bookings
  • Create Blocks
  • Manage Parent Rooms
  • Guest Administration - Manage your Guests