Duffel changelog
Duffel changelog

Our changelog has moved to a new address

We've now moved our changelog to a new address: https://changelog.duffel.com.

From now on, you'll find the latest updates there. This page will not be updated.

You can now hold flights and pay for them later in the Dashboard





Following the release of a new API feature you can now hold price or space for a flight via the Duffel dashboard, where supported by the API.

Hold price or space on a flight when available


Easily find your on hold orders


You can also use filters to find your orders which are waiting for payment on the Orders page and pay for them when needed.

Editing variables of the code examples in our Guides





We've improved the code examples in our guides by adding support for editing each variable with your own values (e.g. replacing YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with your own Duffel access token) as seen in the example below.


You can now hold flights and pay for them later





You can now hold certain flights and pay for them later. Sometimes, this is known as hold orders or deferred ticketing.

You can currently hold flights with American Airlines and we’ll be adding more airlines soon.

You can read more about holding flights in our developer guide.

API reference and developer guide now available for Duffel Payments





Duffel Payments is still in development, but to get your early feedback we have updated our API reference to include the changes required for this feature, and we’ve released a new developer guide to go along with it.

You can read more about the feature here, and if you are interested in being one of the first ones please register your interest at the bottom of this page.

Qantas is now live on Duffel 🇦🇺





We've added Qantas and its network of 1,000 destinations around the world to the Duffel platform. You can read more about the launch on our blog.

To request access, please head to the "Sources" page in your Duffel dashboard 🦘

Developer guide for Offer and Order Conditions





Last week, we announced our new Offer and Order Conditions feature that lets you find out if an offer or order is changeable or refundable.

We've now published a developer guide which explains how to implement this feature in your integration, end to end.

New implementation guide for webhooks released





We've released a new implementation guide for receiving webhooks. The guide walks you through the whole flow from creating a webhook, to building a simple implementation in Python, and to receiving events.

We're currently testing webhooks with some initial users. If you'd like to try webhooks for yourself, please drop us an email at help@duffel.com.

You can now tell whether an offer or order is changeable or refundable





For every offer, order and slice we now return a conditions property that lists the fare conditions that apply. Within each condition you can now tell whether it is allowed and also what penalty fees will apply if that action is taken.

To start we are exposing change and refund conditions that apply before the departure of the first flight, and we've launched with support for British Airways. American Airlines and Lufthansa Group are next on the list.

New API reference section: Response Times





We’ve added a section on Response Times to our documentation which explains how airlines can sometimes add extra latency to our API’s response times. We recommend that you read it if you’re building a new integration or already have a working integration with us.