Dronahq changelog
Dronahq changelog

Table gird




Table grid Properties – Top bar

Column reorder and visibility: This toggle button on ON/OFF enables you to reorder the columns and toggle the visibility of columns on the client-side of the app. column reorder button


Table grid Properties – Display

Fit height to screen: Enable to set the Height of the Table grid to fit the screen.On grid layout if you have stretched the control height more than page than fit to height will leave some extra wight space before starting the next control fit to screen


Table grid Properties – Action

Show on hover:

  • Bind to Column: Now you can bind the hover functionality of the action or action icon to a specific column instead of the end of the table.


Add as column: This adds the action as a column which can then be selected by you to trigger further action. It will appear as the action text in the last column by default but you can set the position for the column to display in your table grid control using


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