Dronahq changelog
Dronahq changelog

Manage Roles




DronaHQ platform now enables you to add different users to operate with your micro apps under different role administrations provided in our new upgrade of MANAGE ROLES while adding a new user.

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There are three types of user roles that can be assigned to a user:

Administrator: Under this role, the user gets most of the permissions to operate on a microapp except for deleting an app (That only owner can perform). Users can modify all settings, edit the environment, edit the connector, edit catalogs, invite other users as well as view analytics.

Creator: Under the creator role, members have some extent of permissions covering only the capabilities of the viewer and editor. This includes editing apps and connectors and also some other developer activities.

End-user: Members assigned the end-user role to have very limited permissions. They can view and use the published app on the end-user portal or mobile apps.

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