Dronahq changelog
Dronahq changelog

Failure Condition




The new enhancement on DronaHQ Studio enables you to handle errors and failures while working with adding APIs, databases, and GraphQL. With the FAILURE CONDITION feature, you can now add your failure condition along with the failure/error code which will help you to handle failure in various ways. You can even add these messages to your action flows in order to make them visible on your app.


Here we have defined two failure conditions:

  • {{ STATUS CODE = 404}} . 404 is the Error code. If it matches then it displays an error message as Internal Error- {{STATUSMESSAGE}}

  • {OUTPUT.Envelope.Body.NumberToDollarsResponse.NumberToDollarsResult==‘one dollar’}}. Here if the condition is true it displays the message as provided. In our example “One dollar is not valid”. {{STATUS CODE}}.

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