Dronahq changelog
Dronahq changelog

Cursor based pagination feature for Table grid control





Till now you have used the Limit Offset Based pagination feature of Table grid control to view paginated data. However, APIs like Airtable often return only a limited number of records in each response and you need to loop through several pages to fetch records for a request.

Hence we have now provided Cursor based pagination support for the Table grid control under Pagination properties. You can directly bind the Offset key value obtained by using the previous page's API response to the Table grid Offset property. You can thus implement cursor-based pagination for your Table grid control.

cursor based pagination.jpg

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New UI for Automation





You have been using Automations for some time now. It has however been enhanced and made simpler. The process does not change, first, select the Trigger type and click Continue. Select the Trigger actions i.e **When this happens **and you are done. You earlier had to link a workflow to your automation. Now, this is the main enhancement that you would be happy to note. Your automation can now be an independent workflow and need not be linked to the App Workflow.

select trigger.jpg

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Analytics, Extensions, Account Settings, Billing and App Catalogs has now moved





The Extensions, Analytics, Account Settings, Billing and App Catalog have now moved to a new place!! What you had earlier under Studio Console > Left Sidebar now moved to the top right corner under Profile icon.

We have also introduced a new look and feel while enhancing the various capabilities.

profile settings.jpg

Docviewer control is now Google Doc Viewer





The Docviewer control is now Google Doc Viewer.

There is no change to the functionality. It remains the same. The name is all that changes.

Some more Database Connectors added





We just added a few more Database connectors that further enable you to connect to your relational databases as well as cloud-based services like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Athena AWS, Amazon Redshift, and BigQuery. Now you can directly access your database without hosting web servers. The process is simple and involves only a few simple steps.

You can now find the following DB connectors in DronaHQ Studio.

  1. Amazon Redshift
  2. Athena AWS
  3. BigQuery

DB Connector integation1.png

New On-screen Actions added





There are few more action flow tasks that we have now added to On-screen Actions > Navigate block.

Close overlay screen- this action will close any overlay screens (popup, menu, tray) that are visible at that time.

Redirect parent window - this action redirects the parent of the iframe to the URL that you provide to the action.

actions added.png

New Ready Third Party connectors added





At DronaHQ we are constantly trying to build new integrations that allow you to build some powerful apps with capabilities built based on these integrations.

  • Instamojo : The integration provides a secure payment gateway that enable you to create new payment requests, create refund request as well as list out all th epayment details. You can create a complete e-commerce app with all functionalities easily integrated with DronaHQ.

  • Hubspot : By integrating with HubSpot you can base your apps on HubSpot CRM which makes its easy to manage customer relationship.

  • Stripe : Integrating Stripe with DronaHQ enables you to build your payment infrastructure in a matter of minutes. You can build your Apps interface on top of the payment data.

New Functions added





We have added a few more functions that would enhance your functionality when using data from the connectors and even controls like table grid control and some more.

  • ARRAYTOCSV(): converts your array data into comma-separated values.
  • SHOWDETAILS(): helps you show the details fetched from the selected row of the tablegrid control.
  • ESCAPESINGLEQUOTE(): helps you to ignore the single quotes that are typically present in data that you want to insert in SQL or any relational database
  • ESCAPEDOUBLEQUOTE(): helps you to ignore the double quotes that are typically present in JSON type data returned by the server or by advanced controls like Form Repeat control, Summary control, and so on.





App verification with Twilio OTP





You have been using the Twilio integration in your Studio Apps. Now we have further enhanced capabilities with the ready connectors that enable you to send WhatsApp Text and Media messages as well as provide user verification using the one-time passcode/ verification code over SMS or through Email. The Twilio Connector in **Studio **enables you to easily provide a secure authentication system for your users to protect their identity and access to the site.

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twilio actions.png

New List Controls Added





New List controls added to allow you to provide tabulated data in a card format for a great user experience on mobile or desktop devices alike. The List controls are similar to the TableGrid, with the only difference being that of a few differentiating properties like Compact card with only basic details, a Detailed card with complete details arranged in each card with an additional option to open in a detailed view for each card separately.

list controls beta.jpg

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