Dronahq changelog
Dronahq changelog

Audit Log for Enterprise Customers




Audit Logs is an enhanced feature in Studio for Enterprise plan customers. It provides you with a log of Admin events as well as run level events. If you are curious as to why someone's account is deleted, who is it and when was it done then just relax Audit Logs can get you all these information.

Moreover if you wish to glance over for logs and find further details about a particular event like API CALL your can view the details like Response, Request and so on. Audit Logs helps you with this as well.

api call product annoucement.jpg

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New Freeflow Editor launched




The new Basic Freeflow Editor is now ready. You can choose to use the Basic Freeflow Editor or the Advanced Layout Editor to build your apps. The Basic Freeflow Editor is a grid-based editor that enables you to add controls and create forms with an easy experience that can be up and ready in a matter of minutes. It allows absolute resizing and moving of your controls simply by dragging and moving.

The major difference between the Basic Freeflow Editor and the Advanced Layout Editor is the absolute positioning of controls that the Basic Freeflow Editor allows as against the relative positioning of controls on the Advanced Layout Editor. Moreover, the Basic Freeflow Editor is simple and allows you to define the responsive layout for Desktop or Mobile devices.

Further, a Container control has also been launched on this Basic Freeflow Editor that makes it easy to group your controls within the scenario and define multiple complex scenarios and conditional features easily.

new editor.jpg

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New Firebase connectors added




We have now added some more Connectors that would give you few more options to connect NoSQL Databases. You can now build apps with the flexible and scalable databases Firestore and Firebase Realtime Database. They enable you to build responsive apps without having to worry much about network connectivity or latency.

Table grid control enhancement





Some very useful and fantastic enhancements have been done to the ever so useful Table grid Control.

  • You can now Format a column based on the condition satisfied by the dependent column.
  • Row coloring is also possible based on the values satisfying the condition.
  • You can also add a Progress bar to the Percentage type column and denote the progress with the color scheme that is predefined.
  • Last but not the least…you now have another event row_select in the event menu. It would be available to the new table grid control that you add to the apps.

format column data option1.jpg

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Graphql connector added





You can now connect to any Graphql API through Studio. You can build amazing apps quickly and benefit from the flexibility that GraphQL brings in when building complex apps.

You can query the API using our enhanced query editor and get the apps ready in a matter of minutes.

graphql connector.jpg

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Some more Connectors added





We just added a few more Database and API connectors that further enable you to connect to your databases as well as cloud-based services.

You can now find the following DB connectors in DronaHQ Studio.

DB Connectors

API connectors

There are a few more lined up too that would allow you to expand your data connections and start visualizing your data.

add connectors.jpg

New UI for your custom APIs





A new easier experience of adding custom APIs has been introduced. You can now find a new UI for the REST APIs, which we will feel will make it easier to further add your connectors.

There will no longer be the long and complicated configuration of APIs. It is now transformed into a more usable and simpler sidebar.

Also, a new AWS authentication method is added in the API auth, using which you can add AWS services like Lambda, etc using custom APIs.

oauth headway.jpg

Refresh response button added to Connectors





New "Refresh Response" button added in Connectors sidebar.

Connect dynamic connectors like Airtable, Firebase, etc. and get the custom connected account's response using the Refresh Response feature so that mapping keys from connectors is now possible. Moreover, for the ready third-party connectors, you can get your account-specific response with the data intact.

refresh preview.jpg

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New Timer Control added





The New Timer control is added to the existing list of controls. You can now use it to set up timer formats and ticker interval settings and virtually use it as a stopwatch for your Quizzing apps, Online examinations apps, Pomodoro timer, and many more.

Using the actions is easy, you simply need to pass the start, stop, reset values to the control to perform the actions. You can also define tasks that are triggered by the Timer control's events. Moreover, Timer control has an alarm interval property that allows you to define actions that are triggered periodically.

Timer control.jpg

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New Charts Control





Studio now has a new comprehensive Charts control that is built on Plotly. YOu can now build any kind of custom and complex chart with a flexible JSON layout editor.

You can aggregate data, group data as well as plot charts with Pivoted JSON. There is no limit to Custom scripting which now enables you to build a whole range of amazing charts.

charts control.jpg

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