DreamIT Host updates
DreamIT Host updates

New DirectAdmin Features




Git Manager allows users to host and manage Git repositories on the Directadmin server.

Syncing with remote repositories is available as well with auto-deployment support via a webhook.

Learn more at https://docs.directadmin.com/other-hosting-services/git/general.html#git-manager-feature-pro-pack




Users can access shell terminal from the control panel web interface. This allows to quickly have a CLI session without having to log-in to server over SSH.

Terminal can be accessed on user level in System Info & Files -> Terminal.

Terminal feature uses default user shell, so users with disabled SSH access will not be able to use this feature. And systems using a bubblewrap user jail would use bubblewrap in web terminal as well.

Upgrade/Downgrade Improvements




From today onwards, you can now easily upgrade or downgrade your service from the dashboard in My DreamIT.


Email Two-Factor Authentication





You can enable Email Two-Factor Authentication when logging into MyDreamIT.

This can be enabled at https://my.dreamithost.com.au/user/security


Website Builder Integration





You can now easily access the DreamIT Website Builder from our client portal, My.DreamITHost.com.au


Unban Center





You can now login to MyDreamIT and we'll automatically check our servers if your IP is blocked, then we'll instantly unblock it.

For applicable services, you'll be able to check your client's IP address and see the reason on why it was blocked.

DNS Changes & Improved Firewall





Improved DNS Servers

  • We've rebuilt our DNS servers for our web hosting and reseller hosting services.

  • Expect improved reliability and performance when performing DNS lookups.

DreamGuard Firewall Rollout

  • DreamGuard is being rolled out across our servers. We've seen improved performance when blocking larger attacks alongside improved anti-virus preventions.

Improved Control Panel Integration

  • MyDreamIT now has additional features when managing your hosting service.

Email Name-server Changes





Our DNS servers for our email hosting services have been improved.

This will result in improved reliability and performance.

MyDreamIT upgrades.





Hide Cancelled & Terminated Products

  • Products and services which have been cancelled or terminated will now be hidden after 7 days.
  • Expired domains will also now be hidden.

Improved Affiliate System

  • See more details in regards to affiliate sales.
  • Be notified when an affiliate referral order is placed.

MyDreamIT improvements.





We've made some quality of life improvements to MyDreamIT.

Auto-Login for Invoice Payment

  • You can now forward invoice emails to your accounts team and allow them to pay invoices without sharing login access.
  • Auto-login links are only valid for 14 days.
  • This feature is disabled if you have two-factor authentication setup.

Improved Domain Renewal Notifications

  • Domain reminder emails now have a more clear subject.
  • Multiple domain reminder emails are now merged into a single email.

Product Descriptions

  • You can now set product descriptions for services or domains from MyDreamIT. This is handy if you have multiple services for different clients or projects.
  • These descriptions are also mentioned in any invoices

Share Cart

  • You can now share your cart during checking out. You may wish to use this if you're helping someone else sign up.
  • These cart's will be deleted automatically after 60 days if not used.

Our new public change-log.





Hi there,

Introducing our new public changelog. This is a place where you can see all our latest changes and improvements we've bought to DreamIT Host.

These changes can vary to improvements to MyDreamIT or our servers.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions at dreamithost.com.au.