Backend Domain CMS updated

Backend Domain CMS has been updated to the latest version.

This has removed the invalid option to lock domains.

Billing Portal Firewall Enabled + ModSecurity

We have enabled a WAF firewall with ModSecurity for our billing portal. If you encounter any issues please reach out to support.

.com & .net Price Changes

Unfortunately due to registrar price changes, the following domain price changes are now in effect and will be reflected in your next domain renewal. - $12.50/year (unchanged) - $12.50/year (unchanged) - $12.50/year (unchanged)
.com - $19.95/year .net - $24.99/year

SYD-NVME 1 Migration Complete

Migration of SYD-NVME1 to our new infrastructure is complete. SYD-NVME2 will be migrated in the coming weeks.

Default Nameservers for Domains

Updated the default nameservers upon registration to;

This will better assist when hosting is purchased with a new domain registration.

Invoice Email Template

We have added a PayPal subscription reminder on all invoices to prevent double up payments.

Melbourne IP Issue

Resolved incorrect IP address sending in our welcome email for our new Melbourne Location

Google Captcha Hardening

We have seen a large increase of spam in the last week. Therefore we have enabled Google Captcha on all Logins and Forms.

Status Page Launch

We have launched our official status page. Full downtown history can be viewed anytime by clicking on your relevant server.

TOS Changes & Support

We have employed a legal team to overview our policies and procedures and have implemented a wide range of changes.

Any policy changes will be re-prompted to clients automatically when they next sign into our billing panel. This provides complete transparency and ensures client get the opportunity to review.

Support tickets that are closed will not be able to be reopened via email communication. This will improve communication between us and the client.