Dorik updates
Dorik updates


Publish your site to generate the sitemap automatically. The sitemap will be located at yoursite.tld/sitemap.xml

Custom 404 Page

Add a custom 404 page on your website. Create a new page with the slug 404

New Template

Single-product Ecommerce Template


  • Builder UI Improvement
  • Bug Fixes

New Plans with up to 100 Domains

Added 4 new plans with 10, 25, 50, and 100 Domains!

Social Icons Element

Social Media Icons element added!

Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 10.00.30 PM.png

Upload Size Increase & Bug Fixes

  • Image/Video upload size increased to 16MB
  • Multiple Cursor Issue fixed
  • Icon + Text Alignment issue fixed
  • Column gap issue on tablet fixed
  • Box Shadow on Mobile issue fixed
  • Google Tag Manager bug fixed

New Template & Blocks

🎉 New on Dorik

✅ E-Learning Template

✅ 5 New Section Blocks Added! (Add New Section > Section Library)


  • Rich Text Editor Added on Dynamic Text
  • Cursor control for Dynamic Text

Dynamic Text

Dynamic Text (🎬 )