Doozy changelog
Doozy changelog


That's right! DOOZY 2.0 BABY!!! There are so many new features, updates and improvements that it merits a big shiny version bump. Here's what's been keeping us busy for the last few weeks.





  • 👾 Retro Games are coming to Doozy! Challenge your friends to a multiplayer bout of the class Snake game for a nostalgia trip back to your Nokia 3310 days.
  • 💃 Song Conga - because making a whole playlist in one go is just too much effort, why not get your whole crew to add one song at a time? Check out our create-your-own activity ideas for more!
  • 🎨 Doodler - the drawing and guessing game for budding artists.
  • ✍️ Drawing challenges - see who on your team can draw the best dinosaur, or maybe even the best unicorn! If you're competitive about showing off your MS Paint skills, this one's for you.
  • 📹 Reimagined live rooms - we completely overhauled Doozy rooms from the ground up to bring massive improvements to usability, accessibility, design, and performance. Now you can instantly kick off quizzes, drawing challenges and activities directly in a room, no setup required!





  • Discover games, quizzes and activities 10x faster with our revamped interface featuring bold new categories and smashing new activities.
  • Team space - We redesigned the dashboard. Those circles just weren't doing it for us any more. Now everything's clearer, cleaner and faster.





  • The advent of the new live rooms has cleared a whole host of bugs off the table. We've basically renovated the entire thing for a much better mobile-first experience, all the way up to high-res desktop monitors.