Doozy changelog
Doozy changelog


This week was mostly spent improving live streams and video calls, enabling you to live your best life.





  • Roll up! Roll up! Guests can now join live streams - no need to sign up first! We realised there were a few unnecessary hurdles between you - a smart and attractive internet user - and Doozy live streams. We decided to get rid of them and open the platform up to the world.
  • When joining live rooms, your camera/mic now default to off, after one too many embarrassing incidents in the Doozy team standup





  • Improved video and audio quality in live streams
  • Added better explanations about live rooms and how they work
  • Added a device/browser capability check when joining rooms to prevent nasty surprises on your favourite Netscape Navigator 1.0
  • Made it even easier to find the big "+" button to add activities to your space (go on, click it)





  • Fixed audio issues in Firefox and Safari (MacOS and iOS) when joining Live Streams
  • Fix layout issues when joining rooms on iOS