Doozy changelog
Doozy changelog


Another week, another boatload of awesome stuff. Loads of cool progress this week - we've been working super hard to pull lots of things together across all areas.

Features Shipped ⛴





  • Free, public, live-streamed yoga sessions! 🧘‍♀️ I was so excited before this one that I tweaked my back. Luckily, a quick virtual yoga session fixed me right up. Yep, our amazing partner Laura has launched her weekly 30-minute at-your-desk yoga sessions for all abilities.
  • Calendar improvements - Theo has been slaying it and he's completely overhauled our old booking system resulting in a smoother, faster, more flexible experience for both users and partners.
  • Room emoji reactions - they say it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile. Well it only takes 1 to smash that like button!* We've added some reaction buttons to Rooms so you can now express emotion during video calls.
  • Party playlist - we added our office Spotify playlist to all new accounts automatically, so you can listen to some catchy tunes with your team. It's a bit like when Apple put U2 on everyone's iPhone without consent, except ours is just straight up bangers. It's also a collaborative playlist so you can add your own favourites to share with the world! Please curate responsibly.

*Disclaimer: Doozy has done literally no research to back up this claim





Bugs Un-shipped 🙅‍♀️

  • We found some gremlins (race condition gremlins - the worst kind) lurking in the new user signup flow. Milo took them out back and disposed of them.
  • There was a glitch in the matrix, resulting in some duplicate events showing up in spaces. I took the red pill and went full Neo on the codebase until it was fixed. I may have taken the blue pill too. What a weekend!





Better Than Ever 💋

  • Cleaner, more sensible room layouts
  • Slicker UX for activities and events, including some handy descriptions of things that weren't as clear as we thought they were
  • More useful tools for partners to manage bookings
  • The beginnings of in-app notifications, so you don't miss out on fun activities

 Other honourable mentions 📣

  • Our amazing founder Chloe has been in demand for conference talks and podcasts - she's been sharing a bit of insight into the magic that goes on behind the scenes when building a product (and founding a company!) from scratch during a pandemic. Check it out!