Doozy changelog
Doozy changelog

🥳 Birthday and Work Anniversary Celebrations




Celebrations are a great way to connect your team and build a stronger culture.

  • Post birthdays and work anniversaries to Slack
  • Create personalised digital cards and share them with the team
  • Integrates with your HRIS system, pulling key dates automatically
  • Built-in reminders for managers (and key party people 🕺)
  • Collaborative virtual cards, with all the gifs built right in

Available in Slack today!

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🛞 Doozy Roulette improvements and more




Loads of small improvements went live in Doozy this week. Here are the highlights:

  • You can now choose the exact date and time to schedule Doozy Roulette.
  • The members are now properly paginated, rather than a silly long list of users.
  • Members are now ordered by their name, rather than seemingly at random.

CleanShot 2023-01-19 at 19.42.32@2x.png

Plus a bunch of work under the hood to prepare for our HRIS integrations launching next week!

🤖 AI-Powered Icebreakers




🎊 NEW AI-Powered Icebreakers 🎊

We are excited to announce this brand-new feature that makes it even easier for teams to build connections and improve collaboration

Our AI-powered tool now allows you to create icebreakers on any topic with just a click of a button! 🔥

Doozy Roulette (11).png

🤝 Doozy Matchmaking for Slack




Automate and schedule intros using Doozy Matchmaking.

Give your hires the head start they deserve by scheduling intros for their first day. That way they can start building connections straight away!

Available in Slack

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🎄 Holiday countdown for Slack




Get your team in the festive spirit, with our daily Christmas and Holiday countdowns.

Featuring a daily festive question and a countdown to the big day.

Celebrate the winner with the most festive knowledge using the built-in leaderboard!

Install today


☕️ Coffee chats with Doozy Roulette




Doozy Roulette just landed in the latest version of our Slack app.

Add to any channel to schedule coffee chats between teammates on a regular basis.

Check it out at

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Trivia and icebreakers in Slack




You can now run daily trivia and icebreakers directly in Slack!

If you've not yet got the Slack app, you can learn more and install it here.

On top of the daily activities, you can also launch rooms and see the upcoming events planned for your team.

All without leaving Slack 🙌

Slack App Submission Screenshot 1 (2).png

Simplified team invites




We've simplified the process of inviting teammates to join your events in Doozy! Just click add someone new and they'll automatically receive a calendar invite and be added to your team.

CleanShot 2022-09-23 at 16.02.08.gif




Users you've invited will now be able to join your team, even if they didn't sign in using your invite link.

CleanShot 2022-09-23 at 16.06.52@2x.png

Quiz sounds and improved leaderboards




🎶 We've added ace sound effects and music to our quizzes, helping bring some extra tension and excitement!




💯 You can now see how many questions each user scored correctly, as well as the difference in points after each round.

💨 Finally we've turbo-charged our scoring system!

Google and Outlook calendar sync




It's finally here - your Doozy events will now be synchronised with your favourite calendar application automatically.

Each invitee will receive an invite, and will be able to respond directly from their calendar. Easy peasy!

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