Doorkeep updates
Doorkeep updates

Voicemail and voicemail controls.




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Starting today Doorkeep will now provide customized voicemail services. Each voicemail will be available to be listen to or read anytime by anyone on your team. Just like a text message, it'll open a conversation and remind you about the voicemail until its listened to and marked "Completed".

Each property can have a customized voicemail greeting and "please leave a message" greeting per property. This message can be changed anytime you like. (Coming soon you'll be able to upload your own spoken message too).

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Would you prefer all phone calls from tenants just leave you a voicemail? Sometimes this makes sense for property owners and for the tenants who prefer phone calls over text messaging.

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Just like a text message when receive a new voicemail, you'll be notified. We'll remind you regularly to read or listen to that voicemail until you mark the conversation complete.

Configure your voicemail today!