Doorkeep updates
Doorkeep updates

Property specific call and text options




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Last week the Phone Number options were simplified. This week your property communication options have been simplified to 3 options:

  1. Everything (phone calls, voicemail and text messages). This option filters nothing.
  2. Text messages only. Many people simply want to communicate with tenants via text message only. More and more that is what tenants want. Select this option if you want only text messaging. When someone calls, we'll let them know its only for phone calls.
  3. Text and send to voicemail. This is the hybrid of the two. Every phone call will get sent straight to voicemail. That voicemail will be in the tenants conversation ready for you to listen anytime. We'll continue to remind the property manager about voicemails just like text messages.

These changes allow you to configure communication per property to help you manage communication how you want to and continue to provide a great residence experience.