Doorkeep updates
Doorkeep updates

Doorkeep has a Dashboard





Doorkeep has a dashboard now! Thats right. You've asked for it; well kinda. A common theme has been "when I access my account, I want to know if I need to do anything, reference (remember) my phone number and reference my properties. From this discussion a first step at a dashboard was born. This dashboard is a result of those discussions.


Your Doorkeep dashboard:

  • View your Doorkeep phone number.
  • All of your properties and tenant summary.
  • Which user on your account is assigned to which property.
  • For each property: is Property Hours enabled?
  • For each property: is the Welcome Message enabled?
  • Who's logged in? Just incase you aren't sure.

This is just the start. The dashboard will continue to help focus on the "what do I or my team need to take action on right now and how do we have our properties setup in Doorkeep?"