Doorkeep updates
Doorkeep updates

Property Voicemail options




When a tenant calls you, they most likely don't know your name but they know where they are living (or staying). You have three options now to personalize a greeting for them.

Take this opportunity to personalized a voicemail greeting for the property they are in. You can change this anytime. You can upload any .wav or .mp3 file that you have recorded from mobile device or computer.

If you aren't ready to record something that is okay, select Text to Speech and you can type the message you'd like them to hear. We'll do translate the text you type to speech and that'll be the message they here.

If you'd like to just use our default voicemail greeting and goodbye option then leave it as Doorkeep Default. We'll take care of the rest.

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 6.10.42 PM.png

View the property and contact details when you want to see them




When viewing messages in the Inbox, we now hide the details off screen so you can have more focus on the conversations. The property or contact details are now found by clicking the details button up top.

You asked for more room to see the messages and activities in any conversation, so the details have been moved off screen. The details will also be available like this on your mobile device.


View tenants included in property messages




Now, when you send a message to the entire property you can easily see a list of the tenants who received the message. Simply click the drop down icon on the right by the time. Then select "Show Send List".

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 9.41.32 AM.png

Text messages and Voicemail views received a visual update




Your inbox just got a small but important set of visual change. Text messages and voicemail messages have been cleaned up so you can focus on the message and who its from. I've heard excellent feedback before this change of just too much color or things going on. Cheers!

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 3.38.39 PM.png

Add more tenants to your property at a time




You can now add up to five tenants at a time to your property. Just another way to help you add your tenants to your property even faster.

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 9.27.36 AM.png

Voicemail and voicemail controls.




Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 16.01.45.png

Starting today Doorkeep will now provide customized voicemail services. Each voicemail will be available to be listen to or read anytime by anyone on your team. Just like a text message, it'll open a conversation and remind you about the voicemail until its listened to and marked "Completed".

Each property can have a customized voicemail greeting and "please leave a message" greeting per property. This message can be changed anytime you like. (Coming soon you'll be able to upload your own spoken message too).

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 5.02.00 PM.png

Would you prefer all phone calls from tenants just leave you a voicemail? Sometimes this makes sense for property owners and for the tenants who prefer phone calls over text messaging.

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 8.21.24 AM.png

Just like a text message when receive a new voicemail, you'll be notified. We'll remind you regularly to read or listen to that voicemail until you mark the conversation complete.

Configure your voicemail today!

Better SMS notification control





You can now configure if you receive a SMS text based notification when your account receives:

  • A new incoming text message
  • A missed phone call
  • A comment made by another team member

You will continue to receive email notifications for all of those events, as we think its important you know about them when you are offline.

Since Doorkeep sends regular (day to day) SMS text based reminders about all of these communication events, it seemed clear that not everyone would want an immediate notification. Its up to you!

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 10.55.17 AM.png

Doorkeep has a Dashboard





Doorkeep has a dashboard now! Thats right. You've asked for it; well kinda. A common theme has been "when I access my account, I want to know if I need to do anything, reference (remember) my phone number and reference my properties. From this discussion a first step at a dashboard was born. This dashboard is a result of those discussions.


Your Doorkeep dashboard:

  • View your Doorkeep phone number.
  • All of your properties and tenant summary.
  • Which user on your account is assigned to which property.
  • For each property: is Property Hours enabled?
  • For each property: is the Welcome Message enabled?
  • Who's logged in? Just incase you aren't sure.

This is just the start. The dashboard will continue to help focus on the "what do I or my team need to take action on right now and how do we have our properties setup in Doorkeep?"

Phone call log update





Phone calls have been given a huge improvement this week. The infrastructure and connectivity has been given an overhaul but so has the phone call activity Doorkeep records for you.

Here is a list of visual improvements you will see in the app:

  • Doorkeep now tracks the duration of the phone call. Tracking begins when a phone call is answered by each contact. Then when the phone call has completely ended.
  • We record if an incoming call was not answered by you. You now know when that contact called as well.
  • If Doorkeep attempted to connect your contact with you, we also record that.
  • Updated activity icons for a little better hint of clarity.


Mobile navigation updated





Doorkeep's mobile and tablet web browser experience has been given a huge update. There is now a sidebar for application wide navigation. Sub navigation has been improved, so you can get around when looking at a conversation, tenant or property. You can even send a text message to a tenant now. Yay!

I'm committed to making sure Doorkeep has an excellent mobile experience. Expect more updates in the coming weeks and months about Doorkeep and mobile for you.