Docdown release notes
Docdown release notes

Send emails from your own domains!





You can now finally send emails from Docdown using addresses from your own domain! To add your custom email address, go to the Integrations page from the sidebar and click on the "Custom Email" button. Add your email address in the modal popup.

snippyly_integrations-docdown (1).png

To give Docdown permission to send emails on your behalf, you need to go to your DNS provider and add DNS records as shown on the Settings page that you are redirected to. Once added, press on "Verify DNS Settings". It might take some time for the changes to take effect.


You can use this email address in the "From" email dropdowns in the workflow editor. To get your signed documents and notification emails from your custom address, click on the gear icon in Workflow Editor and change the "Notifications From Email" dropdown to this new address.

snippyly_workflow-editor-docdown (1).png





Along with the custom email address feature, this release includes a lot of improvements on existing features as well!

  1. Data from Incoming webhooks and API calls can now be manipulated using conditional logic (only limited to forms before).

  2. You can now specify what type of signature input (drawn, typed, or uploaded) options appear on the signature fields. The setting for this option can be found as a dropdown "Input Type" in signature field settings in the document editor.

  3. Field names in the document editor are no longer needed to be unique, allowing data to be shared/copied between the fields easily without setting up conditional logic.

  4. The fields in the left sidebar of the document editor can now be reordered irrespective of their pages, allowing full customization of the order of fields in the form.





As always, this release also contains tons of bug fixes:

  1. Fixed the issue in which workflow deletion gives a success message but does not actually delete the workflow.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused some fonts to not render.
  3. If a field is hidden on the form but marked as required, it will no longer prevent the form from being submitted.
  4. Fixed an issue where colors were not rendered accurately.
  5. Fixed some performance-related bugs in the workflow editor.