Docdown release notes
Docdown release notes

Image fields, custom dates, dynamic filenames and signature improvements!





Image field

You can now create Image fields in your documents. Users can then upload any JPEG or PNG image and have it be rendered on the PDFs. Incoming webhooks can also use the image fields to send the image data as base64 encoded strings.


Custom date

Custom date formats are now available with highly customizable formatters in the date field.


A special variable dateOfSubmission can now be used in conditional logic values to render the date of submission automatically in the forms.

Dynamic generated document filename

You can now use the field values to create dynamic file names for generated PDFs.


Signature Field Improvements

The signature field has received some enhancements:

  1. Added option to fit (preserve width and height) or cover (stretch) the signature image in the field area.
  2. Signature images now have a transparent background so they do not cover the document content.

Bug Fixes

And finally, some bug fixes in this release are:

  1. PDF files with very long names not being processed issue has been fixed.
  2. Issues with the date formats not working as expected has been fixed.