Docdown release notes
Docdown release notes

Advanced eSignatures with Audit Trail, Document History and Reminder Emails!





Redesigned signature experience

The signature field has been revamped to allow users to provide signatures by typing or uploading an image file along with the existing signing pad. The field now also requires the Full Name and Email address of the signee. The document is sent automatically via email after completion. This makes sure that all involved parties are notified of the signing of the documents and get a copy of the signed document for their records.


Audit Trail

All the completed documents are now accompanied by a detailed audit trail report. They are sent automatically to each signee via email for their record as a PDF along with the completed document. The audit trail PDF includes the IP address, User-Agent information, and the timestamp information for each field and signatures, capable of identifying the signatory. These changes make the signing experience secure and trustworthy while providing all the data necessary to meet the compliance requirements of major eSignature laws such as UETA, ESIGN, and eIDAS.


Document and Audit Trail security hashes

Each document and audit trail are hashed using the industry-standard SHA256 algorithm and the hash values are sent to all the parties involved in signing the document. These hash values are unique for every document and even the slightest manipulation of the document results in a different hash code. Thus any party can validate the originality of the documents and audit trail report to check if they have been tampered with or not, independent of Docdown and other parties.


Reminder email for outstanding forms

Users can now send reminder emails with a single click of a button for documents that are waiting on external users for completion. This makes following up on outstanding forms a breeze.


Document History page

All the generated documents are now organized in a new Document History page for easy access where users can download, view the status, send reminder emails or cancel the document to revoke access to the forms that are sent out. This provides high control and transparency over each document that is created using Docdown.

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