Docdown release notes
Docdown release notes

Team Members, Custom Branding, Zapier Actions and more!





Team Members

You can now invite and add your colleagues as team members to your Docdown account. Each member can be assigned an access role of Member or Admin. Accounts can also be deactivated or deleted entirely.

Invite Team Member.jpg

Brand Identities

Customize the look and appearance of your workflow forms and emails with Brand Identities. Create individual identities for each brand with a custom name, logo, and colors from the settings page.

Screenshot 2021-07-18 at 9.12.21 AM.jpg

Each brand identity can then be assigned to workflows individually in the settings drawer of the workflow editor.

Screenshot 2021-07-18 at 9.13.25 AM.jpg

The brand is then picked up by the workflow form and the transactional emails.

Screenshot 2021-07-18 at 9.15.41 AM.jpg


You can now use Zapier to execute your Docdown workflows. Previously, it was only possible to use Docdown as the trigger step in Zaps but now they can be used in action steps to receive data from the tools of your choice and generate documents automatically!

Check out the new guides on our blog for learning how to use Zapier with Docdown:

  1. Typeform to PDF: Auto-generate documents from Typeform using Docdown and Zapier
  2. From Google Form to PDF: Generate documents using Docdown and Zapier

Duplicating documents and workflows

You can now finally duplicate your documents and workflows to avoid repetitive work and save lots of time! Click on the […] buttons on the document and workflow cards to view the duplicate button.

Replacing template PDF

You can now replace the template PDF of your documents without having to recreate your fields all over again.

Screenshot 2021-07-18 at 9.18.28 AM.jpg





Along with these new features, this release includes a lot of improvements on existing features as well!

  1. In the REST API, signature and image fields can now accept any public URL (.png/.jpg) to render the fields.
  2. API reference doc has been updated and improved.
  3. As you might have noticed, we have been releasing incremental design improvements to Docdown and are continuing to doing so for the next couple of weeks.





And as usual, this release also contains a lot of bug fixes and stability improvements:

  1. Fixed the issue where the required attribute was not working for some checkboxes.
  2. Fixed an issue where some images were not showing up in the Audit Trail document.
  3. Updated the Fields Schema to show more relevant information to reduce ambiguity when sending API calls.

Send emails from your own domains!





You can now finally send emails from Docdown using addresses from your own domain! To add your custom email address, go to the Integrations page from the sidebar and click on the "Custom Email" button. Add your email address in the modal popup.

snippyly_integrations-docdown (1).png

To give Docdown permission to send emails on your behalf, you need to go to your DNS provider and add DNS records as shown on the Settings page that you are redirected to. Once added, press on "Verify DNS Settings". It might take some time for the changes to take effect.


You can use this email address in the "From" email dropdowns in the workflow editor. To get your signed documents and notification emails from your custom address, click on the gear icon in Workflow Editor and change the "Notifications From Email" dropdown to this new address.

snippyly_workflow-editor-docdown (1).png





Along with the custom email address feature, this release includes a lot of improvements on existing features as well!

  1. Data from Incoming webhooks and API calls can now be manipulated using conditional logic (only limited to forms before).

  2. You can now specify what type of signature input (drawn, typed, or uploaded) options appear on the signature fields. The setting for this option can be found as a dropdown "Input Type" in signature field settings in the document editor.

  3. Field names in the document editor are no longer needed to be unique, allowing data to be shared/copied between the fields easily without setting up conditional logic.

  4. The fields in the left sidebar of the document editor can now be reordered irrespective of their pages, allowing full customization of the order of fields in the form.





As always, this release also contains tons of bug fixes:

  1. Fixed the issue in which workflow deletion gives a success message but does not actually delete the workflow.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused some fonts to not render.
  3. If a field is hidden on the form but marked as required, it will no longer prevent the form from being submitted.
  4. Fixed an issue where colors were not rendered accurately.
  5. Fixed some performance-related bugs in the workflow editor.

Advanced eSignatures with Audit Trail, Document History and Reminder Emails!





Redesigned signature experience

The signature field has been revamped to allow users to provide signatures by typing or uploading an image file along with the existing signing pad. The field now also requires the Full Name and Email address of the signee. The document is sent automatically via email after completion. This makes sure that all involved parties are notified of the signing of the documents and get a copy of the signed document for their records.


Audit Trail

All the completed documents are now accompanied by a detailed audit trail report. They are sent automatically to each signee via email for their record as a PDF along with the completed document. The audit trail PDF includes the IP address, User-Agent information, and the timestamp information for each field and signatures, capable of identifying the signatory. These changes make the signing experience secure and trustworthy while providing all the data necessary to meet the compliance requirements of major eSignature laws such as UETA, ESIGN, and eIDAS.


Document and Audit Trail security hashes

Each document and audit trail are hashed using the industry-standard SHA256 algorithm and the hash values are sent to all the parties involved in signing the document. These hash values are unique for every document and even the slightest manipulation of the document results in a different hash code. Thus any party can validate the originality of the documents and audit trail report to check if they have been tampered with or not, independent of Docdown and other parties.


Reminder email for outstanding forms

Users can now send reminder emails with a single click of a button for documents that are waiting on external users for completion. This makes following up on outstanding forms a breeze.


Document History page

All the generated documents are now organized in a new Document History page for easy access where users can download, view the status, send reminder emails or cancel the document to revoke access to the forms that are sent out. This provides high control and transparency over each document that is created using Docdown.

screenshot-localhost-3000-history-document-1617624253035 (1).png

Image fields, custom dates, dynamic filenames and signature improvements!





Image field

You can now create Image fields in your documents. Users can then upload any JPEG or PNG image and have it be rendered on the PDFs. Incoming webhooks can also use the image fields to send the image data as base64 encoded strings.


Custom date

Custom date formats are now available with highly customizable formatters in the date field.


A special variable dateOfSubmission can now be used in conditional logic values to render the date of submission automatically in the forms.

Dynamic generated document filename

You can now use the field values to create dynamic file names for generated PDFs.


Signature Field Improvements

The signature field has received some enhancements:

  1. Added option to fit (preserve width and height) or cover (stretch) the signature image in the field area.
  2. Signature images now have a transparent background so they do not cover the document content.

Bug Fixes

And finally, some bug fixes in this release are:

  1. PDF files with very long names not being processed issue has been fixed.
  2. Issues with the date formats not working as expected has been fixed.

Drag and resize fields, customize form labels and more API endpoints





You can now drag and resize document fields using your mouse pointer for easy and precise positioning. No more tedious slider adjustments!


The fields sidebar on the left now has Duplicate and Delete icons to help quickly create or get rid of fields.


You can now distinctly specify the hidden option to hide the field in either rendered document or the form, or both!


For more precise adjustments, Position sliders now have adjacent input fields.


You can now redirect your users to a given URL on form submission. The labels for Submit button and "required" indicators can now be customized.


Along with these UX improvements, we have also released more endpoints to our REST API which now opens programmatic access to Documents, Workflows, and History objects.

To round it up, here are some other minor enhancements in this release:

  1. Small mouse drags in Document Editor no longer triggers new field creation mode.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused fields to not appear perfectly in place when Editor took long to load.
  3. You can now use HTML content in your Form description.
  4. Datepicker component is no longer cut off when placed at the bottom.

Incoming webhooks, multiple forms and Document Editor improvements!





You can now use the Incoming Webhooks workflow step to trigger a workflow and fill out your document fields. Setup the step in Workflow Editor and start your workflows by sending a POST request.


Workflows now support multiple form steps. Additionally, you can also select which fields appear on each of these forms. With these updates, you can now trigger your workflows from anywhere and involve as many people as needed to complete your document!


Users can now (optionally) preview the PDF document and the fields while filling out the forms.

You asked for more fonts and we have delivered them. Use up to 20 modern fonts with your documents!

Other improvements and enhancements

  1. Horizontal alignment is now supported.
  2. Display custom message to the user after form submission.
  3. Create and change your API key from the account page.