DigitalShift changelog
DigitalShift changelog

Maintenance Release





  • You can now edit team player registrations and change the team a player registered for. (this action will move the player as well)

Player System

  • Under edit league > My(sport)Shift tab you can enable the ability for team managers to add players to their roster.
  • Players can remove the card on file for fully paid invoices

Stats Admin

  • When manually adding players if they have registered within the same season as the team they are being added; then a tooltip icon will inform which registration they registered for.
  • Player leader threshold setting added for leaders to all sports
  • Sign in sheets now match the order of gamesheets (by player name or #)
  • Registrations page minor list view improvements (filter and search)
  • Add game status filters to schedule report


  • Added message when entering OT to confirm to prevent OT for games that ended in regulation
  • Updated goalie saves period label from "OT" to "Overtime" to prevent confusion
  • Reworked games notes so scorekeepers do put notes into the public section by accident


Additional various minor bug fixes also included.

Misc Improvements



  • Standings columns updated

    • RW - Regulation wins
    • OT - Overtime + Shootout losses
    • OTL - Overtime losses
    • OTW - Overtime wins
    • SOL - Shootout losses
    • SOW - Shootout wins
    • L - All losses
    • L - Regulation Losses
  • Fixed bug with date picker and timezones shifting the date picked

  • Update to prevent teams with transactions from being deleted

  • Added message button to team page for quickly messaging a team

  • Fixed bug with slow load times on the schedule report page.

  • Fixed bug that prevented saving of custom code for player bios

Wild Card Standings




For higher level leagues where not all teams qualify for playoffs you can now use wild card standings if desired.

Wild card standings allow you to pick how many top teams per division and addition wild card teams qualify for playoffs.

Find out how to enable wild card standings:

Registration Updates - Waivers

This update was focused on waivers and minor registration improvements.

Waivers & Documents

  • Updated legal verbiage
  • Documents now have an individual agreement for each document
  • Improved ease of clicking to view documents
  • Added electronic signature box
  • Added setting for "age of minor". If a player is a minor based on birthdate the waiver will be agreed to by parent / legal guardian. (new prompt added for parent name)

More info


Add player profile

In an effort to stop players adding other payers to their account we added a new add profile screen with message:


We also added a way to remove profiles on the first screen of registration.

Minor Updates

  • On last page of registration button text updated from "Continue" to "Submit Registration".

Registration Update





New Cancel Registration screen

This new cancel screen will provide an easier way for administrators to cancel registrations with payments.

  • Includes a summary of fees, payments
  • Quick way to decrease fees (to forgive invoice)
  • Quick way to refund payments
  • Registrations can now be un-cancelled

Edit Invoice

  • Visual readability improvements on edit invoice

Automatic Registration Billing

  • Improved transparency for automatic billing (admin and player facing)
  • Improved transparency for registrant's save card on file (player facing)


  • New email "payment upcoming" (5 days before payment is due) (sent to registrant)
  • New invoice adjustment email (sent to registrant)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with copied registration dates being incorrect.

Maintenance Update





  • Volleyball added as a sport option when creating new leagues in the Stats Admin. Volleyball positions added for player rosters.
  • Option to hide the schedule added under Edit Season in the stats admin.
  • Added a custom transaction action for teams in the stats admin. (for pro leagues)
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements

USA Hockey Membership #





We have added a new player attribute for USA Hockey Membership #.

This field will make sure the registrant's USA Hockey number is:

  1. 13 characters long
  2. starts with 9 numbers
  3. ends with 5 letters
  4. optionally the 4th number can be checked against the membership season for USA Hockey.


Currency Update for Registration





When creating paid registrations you can now choose the currency you would like. We currently offer CAD, USD and AUD. Players and admins will now notice currency labels in various locations where applicable.

Maintenance Release





Stats Admin

  • penalty reports now show coaches as well as players
  • reworked suspensions types
  • added additional game status filters to reflect recently added new game statues
  • new player attributes urls: Hudl and InStat
  • sports with goalies: new leader category - total saves
  • table scoring - added starting goalie for sports with goalies


  • payments and refunds report reworked. refunds and payments are not separate line entries


  • fixed issue with Instagram widget
  • fixed issue with sponsors widget flashing
  • promo slider image links can now open in a new window

Football Scoring Update





Minor updates to football scoring:

  • Stats with yards can now be negative
  • Sacks can be a decimal to allow for sack sharing (ie .5 of sack)
  • New defense stat TFL - Tackles for Loss
  • New kicking stats PAT - Point after Touchdown (Attempts/Made/%)