DigitalShift changelog
DigitalShift changelog

Stats Updates: Standings, Periods and HTH






Our standings calculation process has been reworked and improved for efficiency purposes.

Different period lengths

You can now have different period lengths per period. ie (1st: 10 mins, 2nd: 12 mins and 3rd: 8 mins)

Different period settings per division

We have moved period settings to the division level so you can have different period options per division - more info

Head to Head Update

For standings sort metrics we now offer:

  • Head to Group: ranks tied teams by win % of games played within the tied group.

  • Head to Head: if one team has beaten all the teams in their tie group without losing then they are ranked highest. Process is repeated on remaining tied teams when more than 2 teams are tied. More info on Head to Head

Tie Breaker Ratio

Tie Breaker Ratio is a standings sort metric designed for hockey as a last resort sort metric to break ties. It is mainly weighted towards lowest goals against with a lesser emphases for lowest penalty minutes. More info on TBR