DigitalShift changelog
DigitalShift changelog

Scoring Update





  • Adjusted colors for improved contrast to help users with vision impairments.
  • Added a focus state to all inputs to make keyboard only scoring easier.

Live Scoring

  • When adding a play and selecting a player via the mouse the input focus will move forward automatically.
  • Improved toggle buttons that work with keyboard.
  • Multiple updates to improve keyboard only scoring.
  • Penalties re-worked to support keyboard only scoring.

Table Scoring

  • Player type tabs reworked for faster scanning (grouped by home and away).
  • When hovering over an integer field a "Stepper" with up/down arrows will appear.


  • Turnover - remove 2nd team as it was redundant
  • Added round place holder to shootout
  • Reworked some live scoring play's field order for improved usability
  • Other minor misc updates.