DigitalShift changelog
DigitalShift changelog

Maintenance Release





  • Admin website form entry emails now contain the website and page the form was sent from.

  • Baseball standings Runs Scored and Runs Allowed columns added.

  • Baseball stats columns added: Pitching Wins, Losses, Saves, RA9, IBB, WHIP. Batting OBP, SLG, OPS.

  • Baseball and Football team stats and leaders limited to positions or positional stats. For example to display under pitching stats a player must have pitched at least 1 inning.

  • Standings loading times improved for all sports.

  • Instagram widget now also pulls in galleries.

  • Fixed issues calculating basketball and football player stats.

  • Added ability to order Team Staff / Coaches in stats admin.

  • Added time to suspensions so tournament suspensions work within same day.

  • Added ability to change the "Events" label on public website to something else.

  • Improve default sort for leaders stats tables.