DigitalShift changelog
DigitalShift changelog

Maintenance Release





  • You can now edit team player registrations and change the team a player registered for. (this action will move the player as well)

Player System

  • Under edit league > My(sport)Shift tab you can enable the ability for team managers to add players to their roster.
  • Players can remove the card on file for fully paid invoices

Stats Admin

  • When manually adding players if they have registered within the same season as the team they are being added; then a tooltip icon will inform which registration they registered for.
  • Player leader threshold setting added for leaders to all sports
  • Sign in sheets now match the order of gamesheets (by player name or #)
  • Registrations page minor list view improvements (filter and search)
  • Add game status filters to schedule report


  • Added message when entering OT to confirm to prevent OT for games that ended in regulation
  • Updated goalie saves period label from "OT" to "Overtime" to prevent confusion
  • Reworked games notes so scorekeepers do put notes into the public section by accident


Additional various minor bug fixes also included.