Football Player Stats

Using our previous Table Stats Scoring release method we have added Football Player Stats. You can now record passing, receiving, rushing, kicking, punting, etc. This scoring method works for indoor and outdoor football.

Table Stats Scoring

We have added a new method for scoring games. Player stats like goals, assists, touchdowns, home runes, etc can be now be added into stats tables for games. This makes scoring easier because you don't enter period or time and you can add multiple stats at once. When scoring games after they are played this is the recommended scoring method.

Table Stats scoring is available for all our core sport offerings.

Various Updates

Various updates have been released:

  • Ordering seasons and tournaments in the stats admin is now easier with drag and drop.
  • Added filtering and downloading of officials in the stats admin.
  • Other various small updates and fixes.

Playoff Eligibility / Penalty Report

We have released 2 updates:

  • Override Playoff Eligibility: In the stats admin on the team roster page you can click on a new More link for a player. The more link will pop a modal window that allows you to make a player eligible or ineligible. This is regardless of the number of games played.
  • Penalty Report: Under Reports in the stats admin main menu there is a new option for Penalties. You can run this report to see which players are the worst offenders.

Maintenance Release

Various fixes:

  • You can now delete officials tied to games.
  • Made team staff / coach labels on game roster editable.
  • Fixed issue with photos not uploading to website albums.
  • When uploading photos to albums it will keep the filename order.
  • Fixed issue with page slug in caps.
  • Added date to registrant reports.
  • Other misc fixes.

Game Verification Improvements

For clients that use game verification in their stats system we have improved the ease of use for Scorekeepers. Adding officials to verify the game and verifying games from the schedule page is now improved.

Registration Update #7

This was a clean up release with a lot of little updates:

  • Improved permissions under users for registrations
  • Add ability to remove a player from player registration system
  • Added option for pay offline for team registration deposit
  • Improved public website generated registration to help players pick the right registration
  • Improved loading time on registration and financial reports
  • Merge registrant reports into a single report when downloading
  • Added option to include team roster when registering a team
  • Added options to hide details on registration info page
  • Various bug fixes

Team Staff / Suspensions Improvements

  1. We have released an update that changes "Coaches" labeling in stats admin and public website to "Team Staff". We felt this was more generic so other types of team staff can be added. The type of team staff is now an open text field so you can add any position you like.

  2. Team staff / coaches can now be suspended.

  3. Under edit league > penalties tab > auto suspensions we have added an email address field so league admins can be notified when an automatic suspension occurs.

Registration Update #6 (Automatic Payments)

If you create registrations with scheduled payments now on the payment dates the players credit card will be automatically charged the outstanding amount. They will be emailed if the payment fails with a link to make payment.

Registration Update #5 (Prorated Team Player Fees)

We have released a new update to enable prorated fees for team player registrations. When registering onto a team you set the max number of registration spots and then players can join the teams with open spots. They will be charged a prorated amount depending on how many games they missed.

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