DigitalShift changelog
DigitalShift changelog

Currency Update for Registration





When creating paid registrations you can now choose the currency you would like. We currently offer CAD, USD and AUD. Players and admins will now notice currency labels in various locations where applicable.

Maintenance Release





Stats Admin

  • penalty reports now show coaches as well as players
  • reworked suspensions types
  • added additional game status filters to reflect recently added new game statues
  • new player attributes urls: Hudl and InStat
  • sports with goalies: new leader category - total saves
  • table scoring - added starting goalie for sports with goalies


  • payments and refunds report reworked. refunds and payments are not separate line entries


  • fixed issue with Instagram widget
  • fixed issue with sponsors widget flashing
  • promo slider image links can now open in a new window

Football Scoring Update





Minor updates to football scoring:

  • Stats with yards can now be negative
  • Sacks can be a decimal to allow for sack sharing (ie .5 of sack)
  • New defense stat TFL - Tackles for Loss
  • New kicking stats PAT - Point after Touchdown (Attempts/Made/%)

New social media player attributes





For pro level clients we have added new player attributes for social media icons that will appear on a player's bio page. You can add the new attributes in your Stats admin > Settings > Player attributes > Add.


New Game Statuses





In the stats admin on the schedule page there are now 2 new game status options:

  • Postponed
  • Delayed

Set Multiple game statuses at once

If you select multiple games at once you can change the status for multiple games at once.

new game status postponed.png

Player Emails

Games set to postponed will notify players who have connected accounts via email about the postponement. If the game is back-on they will also be notified. (emails are only sent if game date is within 10 days)

Maintenance Release





  • Various maintenance related items / bug fixes.
  • Time zone added to registration. This help discounts work until 12pm midnight.
  • Added a new field to website forms: date field.
  • Registration invoices have been improved for easier understanding of fees breakdown.

Stats Updates: Standings, Periods and HTH






Our standings calculation process has been reworked and improved for efficiency purposes.

Different period lengths

You can now have different period lengths per period. ie (1st: 10 mins, 2nd: 12 mins and 3rd: 8 mins)

Different period settings per division

We have moved period settings to the division level so you can have different period options per division - more info

Head to Head Update

For standings sort metrics we now offer:

  • Head to Group: ranks tied teams by win % of games played within the tied group.

  • Head to Head: if one team has beaten all the teams in their tie group without losing then they are ranked highest. Process is repeated on remaining tied teams when more than 2 teams are tied. More info on Head to Head

Tie Breaker Ratio

Tie Breaker Ratio is a standings sort metric designed for hockey as a last resort sort metric to break ties. It is mainly weighted towards lowest goals against with a lesser emphases for lowest penalty minutes. More info on TBR

Email System Added to Stats Admin





Email System

You can now send email messages to players with an account. This is primarily for clients that use registration since an account is required to register.

Invite Players to create an account

You can now invite players to create an account. This is useful for emailing and allowing players to pay towards distributed team payments if they did not go thru registration. *note - players added this way will have skipped any waivers you may have in your registration.

Player Payments

For clients using distributed player payments for teams there is now a setting under edit league to hide the payments from non team manager players.

August Maintenance Release





Stats Admin


  • Baseball scoring various improvements and fixes to live and table scoring
  • Improved player substitutions in baseball live scoring
  • Added extra innings to baseball table scoring line score
  • Added W/L/S pitchers to baseball table scoring
  • Fixed ERA so lower is better and pitchers with 0 GP are excluded from Leaders
  • Fixed Games Played missing from team stats page
  • Fixed missing player stats for players playing outside their primary position


  • Standings W-L-T record now reflects OTL and SOL in T tally if points are awarded
  • Various bug fixes

Stats users and minor updates





Stats users have been reworked slightly.

  • Grouped permissions
  • Made the add players permission more clear

Registration payments

  • Players can now pay a desired amount for scheduled payments or distributed team payments.