DigitalShift changelog
DigitalShift changelog

Feb Maintenance Update



  • Brand update - and added.
  • Brand update - standardized logos across all systems.
  • Added registration for volleyball.
  • Added ability to download a registration in pdf file.
  • Added additional stat columns to schedule report.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Jan Maintenance Update





  • added setting to hide saves (hockey, soccer, lacrosse)
  • added setting to hide goals by period (hockey, soccer, lacrosse)
  • Futsal positions updated to traditional names
  • Default team page photo option added in league settings


  • live scoring - added saves count to save button (hockey, soccer, lacrosse)
  • live scoring - include players name in tooltip when hovering over the pick player #
  • table scoring - improved tabs for ease of navigation


  • Added groups to standings widget
  • Fixed leagues page wrapping issue
  • Form widget - entries file updated to include special characters
  • Video grid widget can now show more videos


  • Modified payment schedule registrations to help leagues collect the owed scheduled payments
  • Added options to customize the /register page with custom text

Billing Dashboard




We have released a billing dashboard so clients can manage their account billing. In this dashboard you can:

  • View past billing and download invoices
  • Manage billing organization name and address
  • Manage billing card on file
  • Manage billing users
  • Change or add account owners

Maintenance Update





  • Added team stats table to edit league settings
  • Closed registrations now direct to /register
  • Game preview leaders will be hidden if none to show
  • You can now pick multiple recipients when selecting recipient's to send messages to.
  • Game and team game widgets now show the facility

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with live game clock displaying NAN
  • Enforced team box when trading players
  • Various minor bug fixes





Schedule Widget

  • New widget
  • Displays games and practices from stats system

Schedule & Scores

  • Renamed to "Games Widget"
  • Added new settings to display past / future games

Games Widget

  • Renamed to "Team Games Widget"

Stats Filters

  • Adjusted input widths to help show stats object names in full





Player System

New settings to allow:

  • Adding player photos
  • Adding player bio
  • Adding team logo

Stats Messaging

  • New option to only message goalies (hockey, soccer, lacrosse only)

Master Schedule

  • now includes a facility filter


  • Minor bug fixes and small updates

SEO Update




New features have been added to improve website search engine optimization.

You can now add site and page level:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image

You can now access your website site map and robots.txt file within your website settings.

Scoring Update





  • Adjusted colors for improved contrast to help users with vision impairments.
  • Added a focus state to all inputs to make keyboard only scoring easier.

Live Scoring

  • When adding a play and selecting a player via the mouse the input focus will move forward automatically.
  • Improved toggle buttons that work with keyboard.
  • Multiple updates to improve keyboard only scoring.
  • Penalties re-worked to support keyboard only scoring.

Table Scoring

  • Player type tabs reworked for faster scanning (grouped by home and away).
  • When hovering over an integer field a "Stepper" with up/down arrows will appear.


  • Turnover - remove 2nd team as it was redundant
  • Added round place holder to shootout
  • Reworked some live scoring play's field order for improved usability
  • Other minor misc updates.

Maintenance Release




Updates for The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

-We have released an update to increase ADA compliance.

Baseball Scoring

  • Saves are now "SV".
  • Batters faced now "BF".
  • Games played now "G".
  • WHIP changed to 3 digits after period.
  • Added Games Pitched "GP".
  • Added Games Finished "GF".
  • Added Complete Games "CG".
  • Added Shutouts "SHO".
  • Added Quality Starts "QS".
  • Made Total Bases an aggregate so it is not required when table scoring.


  • "Goalie" references changed to "Goalkeeper" which is more inline with the sport language.


  • A setting has been added so suspension return date can be the next available game or next day after served.
  • If a player receive 2+ auto suspensions they will now be combined into 1 suspension.

Playoff Brackets

  • Quick scoring will now populate the series score.


  • Age groups: Birthdate is no longer required. Admins can now move registrants between age groups.
  • If a registration sessions times out the error message is now more clear.
  • Invoices - negative e-transfer is now allowed.

Player Career Stats:

  • Added download option to public website.

Current div record when moving teams to new divisions

  • The current div record will now be recalculated for the entire old and new divisions when moving teams.


  • The report screens now have more granular user permissions.
  • For pro clients the schedule report now includes attendance.

Player System - payment emails have been improved

  • Email information is now more clear is action required for payment.
  • Fixed bug with vertical scrolling on mobile devices


  • Shootouts - if multiple goalies, the goalie playing in the shootout will receive the W/L.
  • Football scoring fixed issue with "Sacks" not displaying correctly.
  • website urls will now ignore case.
  • Various misc bug fixes.

Maintenance Release





  • Admin website form entry emails now contain the website and page the form was sent from.

  • Baseball standings Runs Scored and Runs Allowed columns added.

  • Baseball stats columns added: Pitching Wins, Losses, Saves, RA9, IBB, WHIP. Batting OBP, SLG, OPS.

  • Baseball and Football team stats and leaders limited to positions or positional stats. For example to display under pitching stats a player must have pitched at least 1 inning.

  • Standings loading times improved for all sports.

  • Instagram widget now also pulls in galleries.

  • Fixed issues calculating basketball and football player stats.

  • Added ability to order Team Staff / Coaches in stats admin.

  • Added time to suspensions so tournament suspensions work within same day.

  • Added ability to change the "Events" label on public website to something else.

  • Improve default sort for leaders stats tables.