August Maintenance Release

Stats Admin


  • Baseball scoring various improvements and fixes to live and table scoring
  • Improved player substitutions in baseball live scoring
  • Added extra innings to baseball table scoring line score
  • Added W/L/S pitchers to baseball table scoring
  • Fixed ERA so lower is better and pitchers with 0 GP are excluded from Leaders
  • Fixed Games Played missing from team stats page
  • Fixed missing player stats for players playing outside their primary position


  • Standings W-L-T record now reflects OTL and SOL in T tally if points are awarded
  • Various bug fixes

Stats users and minor updates

Stats users have been reworked slightly.

  • Grouped permissions
  • Made the add players permission more clear

Registration payments

  • Players can now pay a desired amount for scheduled payments or distributed team payments.

Website Maintenance

  • Fixed Ad widget - will no longer be blocked by ad blocker
  • Fixed a bug where design style changes are not reflected unless ctrl-shirt-r is used to clear cache
  • Fixed events from being removed early due to a time zone bug
  • Fixed 2 logged in users from overwriting each others website design changes
  • Fixed issue with large image error on upload
  • Fixed Editor code view from not saving code unless going back to regular view
  • Fixed Editor in full screen and upload image modal hidden behind editor
  • Fixed Editor bar is now sticky to top when scrolling down
  • Stopped Twitch videos from auto playing

Minor Stats Update

  • Improved organization of various stats settings

Table Scoring

  1. Made shots for hockey, soccer, lacrosse an aggregate for table scoring
  2. Made rebounds for basketball an aggregate for table scoring

Sign in Sheets

Along with game sheets you can now also print sign in sheets.

Sign in sheets are used for teams to record their game roster before each game.

See here for more info:

Game Update / Reminder Emails

Game Reminders

On the registration complete screen players can elect to receive.

  • Game reminders 1 and 4 days prior to game
  • Calendar subscribe link included in email

Game Updates

If our registration system is used then players will be notified if:

  • Game cancelled
  • Game back on (un-cancelled)
  • Game date or time changed
  • Game opponent change
  • Game removed
  • Game forfeit

*Email is only sent if game is less than 1 week away.

Game Sheets

Printable PDF game sheets have been improved.

All Sports:

  • Improved general spacing and field sizes

Hockey, Soccer & Lax:

  • period and goal strength boxes are now pre-fill to make scoring faster


  • Added new scoring, fouls and running score sections
  • Added new front page for team fouls and stats
  • Improved spacing to make tallying stats easier

Division Groups / Minor Updates

Division Groups

New Features

  • Added division groups - you can now group teams within divisions
  • Added new standings sort: Least Forfeits
  • Added new standings win% calculation - limit win% to current division only
  • Added new field: playoff overtime length which is now separate from regular season overtime length

Table Scoring Update

  • Header rows are now sticky when scrolling
  • Added zebra stripes to tables
  • Added ability to choose and order the player stats columns

Misc bugs fixes and minor changes also added.

Instagram Widget Updated

Instagram has moved to a new Graph API and will be discontinuing the current method in early 2020.

In preparation we have rebuilt our Instagram widget using the new Graph API and scheduled for release on Monday Jan 12, 2019. This release will disconnect all Instagram widgets on your website. You will need to reconnect your Instagram Account to your website.

View our help article on connecting our new Instagram Widget

If you have any questions please reach out to

Twitch Video Support

If you have a premium website you can now add Twitch videos to your video library in addition to YouTube videos. In the add video window, paste in the Twitch video link like you would a YouTube link to add.