Misc Website Updates

  • Improved sliding on Promo Slider Widget
  • Linked Facebook share image with News Article Featured Media
  • Added master schedule which pulls in the schedule of all leagues
  • Various bug fixes

Minor Registration Update

  • Added option so new divisions can be not automatically added to new team registrations. It is in the Stats Admin under Settings > Registrations > Team Registrations > New Divisions.
  • Add invoice note field under Fees tab of edit registration. This invoice note will be displayed on the Summary, Checkout and PDF Invoice.

Distributed Team Payments Updates

In the my.(sport)shift.com player system tracking your team's balance and making payments is now easier.

  • We added balance owing and make payment links to more locations.
  • We also included an email to the team manager when a player pays towards their team's fee.

Various Fixes

  • Stats filters on public website now honor the city name / team name setting
  • City is now its own column in the registrants report for registrations
  • Fixed bug with gamesheet printing on 2 pages when coach names too long
  • Updated copy teams to include spare and inactive players
  • Additional misc fixes

Various Updates

New permission for stats users: Edit Final Game

  • If users do not have this permission they will not be able to edit a game once it is set to final.

Editable Form Entires

  • Website form entries are now editable. This is handy when changing the data the user submitted.

3rd Party Stats Integration

  • If you use a 3rd party stats service you can now link games in the stats admin directly to the 3rd party provider's game page.

Registrations Payments Report

  • We added a new report for registrations which shows all the payments and refunds.

On the horizon: the next updates will be to the stats admin. It will be getting a mobile friendly easy to use new look. We will also be re-organizing the settings and menus for improved ease of use.

Updated Admin Login

The login screen has been updated with a new look and service selector. Once logged there is now a service selector to pick your service.

The new look is part of our new design system which will improve accessibility and ease of use. It will be applied to the website, stats and registration admin user interfaces later this year.

Also coming later this year will be many feature updates to the website/stats admins and a new public website overhaul is in the works as well. Stay tuned for lots more to come.

Football Player Stats

Using our previous Table Stats Scoring release method we have added Football Player Stats. You can now record passing, receiving, rushing, kicking, punting, etc. This scoring method works for indoor and outdoor football.

Table Stats Scoring

We have added a new method for scoring games. Player stats like goals, assists, touchdowns, home runes, etc can be now be added into stats tables for games. This makes scoring easier because you don't enter period or time and you can add multiple stats at once. When scoring games after they are played this is the recommended scoring method.

Table Stats scoring is available for all our core sport offerings.

Various Updates

Various updates have been released:

  • Ordering seasons and tournaments in the stats admin is now easier with drag and drop.
  • Added filtering and downloading of officials in the stats admin.
  • Other various small updates and fixes.

Playoff Eligibility / Penalty Report

We have released 2 updates:

  • Override Playoff Eligibility: In the stats admin on the team roster page you can click on a new More link for a player. The more link will pop a modal window that allows you to make a player eligible or ineligible. This is regardless of the number of games played.
  • Penalty Report: Under Reports in the stats admin main menu there is a new option for Penalties. You can run this report to see which players are the worst offenders.