Promo Slider: New website widget released

The promo slider widget is designed to add promotional images and optional title / description. It is great for promoting things like tickets, merchandise, programs, registration, etc.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved generated registrations page on websites so it is more organized.
  • Fixed an issue where CYMK images were not uploading in website admin.
  • When players imported into stats if position is blank it will be reflected as so now.
  • Added ability to clear player position in stats admin.
  • Removed special characters from registration csv reports so files can be opened.
  • Fixed bug to show more than 16 videos on website video collections page.
  • Fixed bug with adding custom code and it not saving in website admin.
  • Fixed bug with stats pages not regenerating in main website menu after updating.
  • When you edit link website admin the link modal will now pop up to allow more control.
  • Hide archived registrations in website admin.
  • Fixed issues with downloading form entries in website admin.
  • Added ability for player position for player registrations.
  • Added facility report to stats admin.
  • Added default season checkbox to Seasons screen in stats admin.
  • You can now delete registrations if no registrants registered.
  • When adding new seasons, divisions, teams filters will not be pre-filled to prevent user error.

Registration Mini Release

Few minor improvements:

  • For player registrations if a player is already registered it will display a note beside the player name on the select players screen. This is an effort to prevent duplicate registrations.
  • Added player position to player registrations so goalie discounts can be applied.
  • For team player registrations if a player is already on the team with the same name it will display a note to tell you. This is an effort to prevent duplicate registrations.
  • Fixed a bug to prevent you from updating the number of games for a suspension.

Website Forms Discounts

We have released an update to our website forms widget. When collecting money via PayPal and out forms widget you can now add discount coupon codes. You will now see a discounts tab on the form widget in the website admin.

Registration Update #4 (Distributed Team Fees)

We have released a new update to allow team captains to assign team fees to players. Players can then pay down team fees. We called this update Distributed Team Fees as it allows the team fees to be distributed between players.

The following two videos show how captains can assign fees and how players can pay fees.

Registration Update #3

We have released a new 2.0 version of our player registration system. The new system has a more modern look and improved registration experience. It is also the foundation for many new updates coming in 2018 and 2019. Some of the new updates in the works are team communication, game attendance tracking and new player app for Apple and Android.

The next registration update #4 will be Team Distributed Payments that will allow players to pay towards team registration fees. This release is schedule for a September release.

Website Forms Submit Link Redirect

We have added the option to redirect a form on submission instead of displaying a submit message.

Misc Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that prevent the Instagram widget from connecting when not logged into Instagram
  • Added player and team columns to registration financial report
  • Fixed bug with website forms not sending admin email when pay later selected

Registration Update #2

We released a big update aimed at making the registration system easier to use for administrators.

  • Global search for players, teams and invoices
  • Registration menu under the main menu for quick access to registrations, registrants and financials
  • New financials summary page
  • Reworked registrants and financials page for ease of use
  • Reworked registrations screen easier navigation to sub pages
  • Added ability to archive registrations
  • Reworked user pays processing fee to exactly match the processing fee
  • Reworked the invoice screen
  • Add fee adjustments to invoices
  • Reworked refunds to refund payments as well
  • Misc updates to improve edit registration
  • Add option to enforce age groups for registrations

Registration Update #1

We will be releasing many registration system updates over the next few months. These updates will improve the current system and add new functionality.

We have released Registration Update #1:

  • Improved add row on multiple selection interface to save item if left in add row.
  • Added radio button as registration field option
  • Reworked fields section. We remove section break as a registration attribute and added sections to the fields page.
  • Reworked the add fields/attributes window so it is simpler and easier to use.
  • Other various small fixes/improvements.

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