Change Log Added to Website and Stats Admins

In the top right corner of the Website and Stats admins you can click the bell notification icon to see new updates, improvements and fixes. When new change log entries are added the icon will be orange to let you know about the new updates.

Knowledge Base Search Added to Website and Stats Admins

To help connect our users with video tutorials and help articles we added a life raft icon to the bottom right corner of website and stats admins. One click and you can search the knowledge base for help.

Various Fixes

  • Fixed issue player stars not calculating correctly
  • Added new option to stop game sheets cutting off players with more than 1 page
  • Fixed time zone issue with custom date range tab on schedule page
  • Minor fixes to player details and player stats reports
  • Fixed issue with registration copy ignoring age groups
  • Fixed issue with events redirect not working
  • Fixed issue with empty net not showing for hockey on goal summary of public website

Scorekeeper Improvements

  • Added goalie saves tab when not recording player stats. Makes it easier to add saves between periods or after the game is over.
  • Added next and prev arrows to go between games
  • Click on score game on schedule page now opens scorekeeper interface in a new window
  • Display game data/time in scorekeeper header
  • Fixed issues with duplicate game events on poor internet connections

Various Fixes

  • Fixed time zone but with schedule report
  • Fixed issue with players showing with 0 GP when player stats combined.

Various Fixes

  • Stats admin - auto suspend not working - fixed.
  • Stats admin - playoff brackets taking too long to load
  • Public website - allow birthday to show as a player attribute
  • Public website - Allow linking directly to home and away tabs on team schedule page
  • Additional various fixes

Schedule Report

You can now download your schedule into Excel after you have uploaded into the stats system.

Website Generator 2.0

Public website changes are initiated by changes in the website. We generate the HTML (code) after a change in the admin so website visitors get page requests returned very quickly. The issue was that changes on the admin went into a processing queue which sometimes was backed up and changes were not appearing right away. We have redesigned the system so pages request are still returned very quickly but now edits in the website admin should reflect on the public within a few seconds every time.

Player Stats Processing Rework

We reworked player stats processing to improve speed.

New Player Details Report

  • Added player detail report
  • Only show stats columns on game sheet roster if game != 'Not Started' - fixed
  • Improvement - Added option to set teams columns on all teams - edit team website tab

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