Misc Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that prevent the Instagram widget from connecting when not logged into Instagram
  • Added player and team columns to registration financial report
  • Fixed bug with website forms not sending admin email when pay later selected

Registration Update #2

We released a big update aimed at making the registration system easier to use for administrators.

  • Global search for players, teams and invoices
  • Registration menu under the main menu for quick access to registrations, registrants and financials
  • New financials summary page
  • Reworked registrants and financials page for ease of use
  • Reworked registrations screen easier navigation to sub pages
  • Added ability to archive registrations
  • Reworked user pays processing fee to exactly match the processing fee
  • Reworked the invoice screen
  • Add fee adjustments to invoices
  • Reworked refunds to refund payments as well
  • Misc updates to improve edit registration
  • Add option to enforce age groups for registrations

Registration Update #1

We will be releasing many registration system updates over the next few months. These updates will improve the current system and add new functionality.

We have released Registration Update #1:

  • Improved add row on multiple selection interface to save item if left in add row.
  • Added radio button as registration field option
  • Reworked fields section. We remove section break as a registration attribute and added sections to the fields page.
  • Reworked the add fields/attributes window so it is simpler and easier to use.
  • Other various small fixes/improvements.

BaseballShift new website and player stats released.

We are excited to release player stats for baseball. You can read more info on our new https://www.baseballshift.com/ website.

Fixes and Improvemetns

  • In the select filters on stats pages if only one division it auto selects it.
  • You can now highlight a game on the schedule page. Ie make championship game yellow background.
  • On the schedule page the game notes are moved below the game row.
  • Added total paid column to website form entries.
  • Stats admin schedule now honors home/away setting.
  • Transaction can now be edited.
  • Brackets in the stats admin now show the series score.
  • Fixed links not working website forms confirmation email from forms widget.
  • Added created date for player attributes report.
  • Improved player import templates.
  • Fixed bug with removing news articles not updating news sidebar widget.
  • Added suspended label to game sheet

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added team and player to financial report download
  • Fixed bug when setting game from in progress back to not started
  • Added option to record player shots for hockey, soccer and lacrosse in a table format instead of enter live.
  • Fixed bug when copying registration with payment and not choosing payment
  • Fixed bug with timeouts showing 00:00 for clock time.
  • Improved player select when scoring to not jump to next field when typing a single number
  • Improved add penalty screen to allow picking of player first

Various Fixes

  • Fixed bug with financial reports not generating.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented image uploading for large images.
  • Fixed bug that showed website form payment amounts as $0.
  • Added email to option to all link dialogs.
  • Fixed next arrow on scoring interface jumping to first game in schedule.
  • Additional Various Fixes.

Minor Improvements

  • Add new column to player stats reports "Status" this allows you to see active, spare/call-up, inactive and deleted players. We added a position column as well to sort by players and goalies for sports with goalies.
  • For Hockey, Soccer and Lacrosse we updated the game sheet to be more efficient and easier to use when recording goalie saves.
  • For Hockey, Soccer and Lacrosse we added an OT box to goalie saves tab to allow adding of saves before any other OT actions are scored.

Player Stats for Basketball

We have updated the https://www.basketballshift.com/ website and released player stats and player stats pro packages for basketball.

Change Log Added to Website and Stats Admins

In the top right corner of the Website and Stats admins you can click the bell notification icon to see new updates, improvements and fixes. When new change log entries are added the icon will be orange to let you know about the new updates.

No published changelogs yet.

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