Diffy changelog
Diffy changelog

Github integration





Now you can post testing results directly to Github pull request as checks.

Testing popups. Execute javascript prior taking a screenshot





Now it is possible to execute arbitrary javascript prior taking a screenshot. It allow taking screenshots of popups or any other elements that require some user interaction. diffy-project-settings-javascript.png

Baseline images





Excited to announce Baseline images functionality. Idea is that you can create a set of images to compare against that can consist from different environments. So instead of immediate comparison of environments now you can collect your "ideal" set and then compare it with your builds.

You can find baseline set at the top of your screenshots. diffy-baseline.png

Also you can assign screenshots to become baseline either from the whole set or individually from different sets.

Creating archives optimized





We have optimized the speed of creating offline reports. Previously our system waited for all the jobs to be completed before start downloading images and creating archive but now we start download once first screenshot / diff is completed. This means you will need to wait very small time before you get a link to an archive. diffy-archive-optimization.png

Pantheon Quicksilver integration





Happy to announce that now Diffy has Pantheon Quicksilver integration available at github repo. Please let us know if you are using Pantheon as hosting. We can help you to set integration up.

Whitelist workers





Now if you like, you can make all our workers to come through same IP address. So if you have a website protected with firewall, you can whitelist address and enable option under Advanced settings. diffy-same-ip-address.png

Stop/start diffs





Now you can start/stop diff jobs as well. Same way as you could do screenshots. diffy-start-stop-diffs.png

Also couple of bugfixes were done:

  • github based project access
  • pasting prepared URLs for project

Bugfixes release





Few issues were fixed:

  • there was a bug with pagers. It displayed numbers wrong when there was exactly 10 projects.
  • bug with archive for diffs. We assumed that 640px breakpoint is used before. Now archive's viewer will work even without this breakpoint involved.

Stop / Start screenshot jobs





You can "stop" and "continue" jobs of your screenshots that are in progress. So if you see that something is not right you can stop jobs you don't need to continue to save server resources. stop-start-jobs.png

Scanning page for internal links





Now when you are building links for your project it is possible to scan additional pages for internal links. So you start with the frontpage but than you can scan additional pages like /news or /blog.

You can find the widget for scanning on Project's editing page under Pages tab. scan-url-internal-pages.png