cPanel Update

We have pushed cPanel v88.0.11 to all servers

Nameserver Update

We've retired NS3 and NS4 and now operate on 2 NS Records NS1 and NS2 which are Geo-Balanced in 6 different data centres. If you are using our name-servers, please remove NS3 and NS4 from your DNS entries with your domain name registry.

If you're domain names are managed here with us, we'll do this update for you.

cPanel Update

We are updating to Roundcube 1.4 in cPanel & WHM Version 88.

Improved Security / Protection

We have made some significant changes to our security layers, including enhanced DDoS mitigation at both network level, and software level.

We have also re-analysed our firewall configuration, to change our blocking policies in order to further prevent attacks.

Please note that we have also changed the SMTP_BLOCK setting, which prevents the use of external SMTP relays from our server. This was an essential part of our restructuring and was required in order to continue providing a fast, reliable and secure hosting platform.

We are able to whitelist accounts on request, with a valid justification as to why external SMTP relays are required in your particular use case - the support team will evaluate, and potentially whitelist your account from the SMTP blocks.

Display scan results in cPanel, which have been detected via the automated scan, as opposed to just manual scan results.

Allow end-users to take action on detected malware / viruses and suspicious files. This will allow you to essentially restore files from the quarantine, even if detected via our automated scans

Improved 'Captcha' system to prevent WAF and DoS attacks - this solution will show a 'captcha' screen to any users who we consider 'greylisted'. The captcha interface is hosted on a 3rd party platform, allowing us to mitigate the load away from the server in the event of these types of attacks.

Honeypot CSF block system - this will allow us to block bad IP addresses collected from a central pool of RBL's, preventing attacks before they reach the server.

Malware / Virus detection with the a 'cloud clean' service - this essentially attempts to automatically repair infected files and malware, as opposed to a forced removal of the file.

Advanced intrusion and detection mitigation / prevention

Industry leading WAF / web application firewall rules

Brute force protection for multiple application types

Webmail Update

We updated the Roundcube version in Webmail from version 1.3 to version 1.4. Roundcube version 1.4 features a new responsive theme for mobile devices, as well as compatibility with our Calendar and Contacts Server.

Brace Yourselves, NGINX is Coming

Arguably, one of the most requested and popular feature requests submitted for our hosting platform has been the addition of the NGINX web server as an alternative to Apache. We have good news for those of you that have been asking: NGINX is coming!

ImunifyAV/AV+ has been rolled out to all servers.

ImunifyAV+ provides malware scanning, cleanup and other advanced features.

Sending Limits and Mail Improvements

We have recently applied a number of changes surrounding email deliveries.

Previously, we routed all outbound mail sent via the SMTP protocol through MailChannels, ensuring that all SMTP messages were delivered to the end users / recipients.

However, one thing we noticed over the span of several months was that much of the 'SPAM' relayed via the PHPMail() protocol caused a number of our IP addresses and subnets to be 'blacklisted' - to combat this, we have reinvested significantly to now route all outbound mail through MailChannels, so that we can benefit from the outbound SPAM filtering that bundles with the solution.

Additionally, we have increased our outbound sending limits per-account to 150 from the previous 100.

Cloudflare Railgun : Live

Great News!

We've added CloudFlare Railgun to our entire hosting platform for shared, dedicated and reseller accounts.

Railgun is a WAN (wide area network) optimization technology with the characteristic of caching dynamic contents. The characteristic of Railgun utilizes various compression techniques that boosts & speeds-up sites with non-cached web pages thereby immensely improving the performance. Websites with Railgun generally have 143% improvement in HTML load times and on the other hand, a 90% decrease is seen in Time to first byte (TTFB) responses.

Railgun ensures speedy connection between actual web server and the CloudFlare CDN.

WAF, Ai, Patch, Web-shield and More

We've added the following features to our load balancers and pushed updates to all servers and cloud nodes with:

Automated Malware Scanner with Cleanup
Advanced WAF with Machine-Learning Ruleset
Intrusion Detection and Protection
Proactive Defence for PHP Websites
Software Patch Management
WebShield with Integrated CAPTCHA