Designpickle updates
Designpickle updates

Request Form Updates

We've made some big changes to the request form! This new update will help walk you through step-by-step what you need to include in a request — great for those who may want to make sure that everything is included before moving on.

For power users, you'll still have the option to see your request on a single page to allow for faster submission. Just name your request and click on the "skip to 1-page form".

  • New completion options — walk through each section or fill it in all on one screen
  • IBM Watson helps Jar understand what kind of graphics you're looking for and suggest sizes
  • New fields - paste or type your copy for better understanding by your designer
  • New colors - a light refresh creates a more continuous experience from to
  • Improved usability - Getty images option will be the default if you have a Getty Images add-on, the upload step will require fewer clicks, easy nav between steps

Brand Profiles are Here

We're pleased to announce that brand profiles are here!

In Design Pickle, you can now add profiles for all of your brands (seriously all of them, there's no limit).

To get started, head to the brand profiles section and click "Add Brand". Then add a name, description, your colors, and attach any brand assets you have for us.

Once your brand has been created and saved, you'll be able to add that brand profile to any new request using the submission form.

Click here to add yours or check out the knowledge base article knowledge base article.

Want something built? Add it to our feature request board and we'll build the best features submitted!

Introducing Overflow Protection

One of the great features of Design Pickle is that it allows you to work with your own designer on a consistent basis.

However, since your designer is a living, breathing human being and not a design robot, they occasionally need a day off or get sick and have to rest up. It happens!

If you're super loyal to your designer and never want anyone else working on your request, we've added a new option to make sure this is the case.

Our new "overflow protection" setting lets you modify what happens when your designer and/or backup designer is out.

Wondering if you should you turn overflow protection on or off?

Here's a super quick guide:

Want only your primary or backup designer to work on your requests? Turn your overflow protection OFF.

  • Overflow Protection is OFF - If your Designer or Backup Designer is unavailable, we will wait until they return to pick up on your queue again. This is best if you want to always work with the same designer(s).

Don't mind if another designer works on your queue? Get things back faster by turning overflow protection ON.

  • Overflow Protection is ON - If your Designer or Backup Designer is unavailable, we’ll find the next available designer to work on your queue. This is best if you want to get through all your work quickly and don't mind another designer working on your queue.

Backend Restructuring & Queue Prioritization

We recently completed a major restructuring of the backend of our request management system. This improved system will allow us to better customize the client experience now and into the future.

While most of these changes are not customer-facing, there are a few that are.

Queue Prioritization

The largest change you will see is that your queue is now drag+drop-able. To order your queue, just drag it into the order you would like to see it completed in.

Please note that cutoff times do still apply to changes so make sure you get your queue changes in before cutoff time!

Additional changes

Queue prioritization isn't the only thing we pushed in this release. Other improvements include:

That's it for now. Expect some more great improvements in the coming weeks!

Improvements for Users with Multiple Accounts

December 9, 2018, we made some substantial changes to how Jar works.

Previously, to add more designers to your account you had to contact our accounts or sales team, they’d get you set up on our backend, and then you’d have an additional email address that you could now submit through (but only via email! Not Jar!).

This update modified our backend to allow for more intuitive user and account management by changing these email-only accounts into real user accounts.

Scaling up your Design Pickle design team is now super easy.

How easy? Just head to your company settings page and click on “update plan/DPUs”. Select the number of DPUs (Or Design Processing Units) you’ll need and accept the changes. You’ll then get that many more (or fewer) DPUs on your account.

Users will now:

  • Have both a company settings page and a personal profile page
  • Be able to add and remove DPUs from their account
  • Have individual logins for each user on their account
  • The ability to see all the requests submitted through their account
  • More user roles that will let users have varying degrees of visibility into the account

To learn more, head to our knowledge base at

Scheduled Maintenance

We will be performing site maintenance this Sunday morning from 1am-2am PST.

During this time, Jar will be unavailable, and any requests sent through email will not be received.

We'll be posting an update on what's new shortly after the upgrade.

We're starting a changelog

We're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in Jar.

Even though we work on your favorite design submission request app all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

You'll always receive an update when we change something in the widget, or if needed all things we've changed is available on our blog. Just click on the announcements category to quickly see them all.