Demio updates
Demio updates

A Brand New Room Experience Has Arrived! 💚





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We just launched the highly anticipated room updates! Included are the following…

🧑‍🏫 Stage Management: Improved control of who's shown in the room and when. We've also increased the webcam limit for most plans.

Dynamic Layout: The new room will automatically use unique layouts optimized to fit each individual's viewing experience.

🔦 Spotlight: A whole new way to keep the focus on the content. Hosts can spotlight materials/screenshare at any time.

🎨 Custom Room Background & Icon: Customize the background color of the room & upload a company icon — head over to your branding settings to personalize that now.

🗂 Materials List: A better approach to managing your slides & videos. In the room, Hosts and Presenters will find a dedicated Materials button at the bottom toolbar.

And finally, a completely upgraded room experience, several improvements under-the-hood, and much more!

​ Read our blog post to learn all about the new changes, or jump directly to our updated Help Article to get access to more resources.