CSV Extra Columns

You asked, We developed. We are happy to announce that DeBounce now supports extra columns on CSV files. It stores the extra columns and appends the information to the validation results file.

List Monitoring

Did you know about 2% of emails go bad each month? If you add new emails to your list several times each month, you have to validate them prior to sending a campaign. The list monitoring feature allows you to connect DeBounce to your ESP, and DeBounce validates emails every day for you and removes invalid ones from your email sender. Your list will be always clean and ready to trigger a new campaign.

Data Enrichment

The beta version of data enrichment is back. Using this tool, you can find someone's name by providing its email address.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA with Google Authenticator is now available to bring more security to your DeBounce account.

API Usage History

You can get the number of calls between two dates for the desired API key using our new endpoint. More information can be found here.

Single Validation History

Our platform now stores the validation results for the email addresses you validate using the single validation form. It shows the latest 200 email addresses you validated. You can contact us if you need more records.

Transfer Credits

Transfer validation credits from your DeBounce account to your friend or colleague account with our new feature.

Lead Finder

Find someone's email address by validating possible email addresses created by the permutation of first name, last name, and company address. It creates possible email addresses and starts validating them which leads to finding a valid email address.

Validate G Suite Catch-alls

Some G-Suite servers are accept-all and unverifiable. DeBounce uses some specific methods to validate such email addresses. We have built an exceptional engine to validate such email address.

Mailgun Integration

Mailgun users now can easily import their email lists using direct integration and start validating them. Once validation is finished, invalid emails can be removed automatically from their Mailgun account.