New minor changes

1) Added position indicators to the leaderboards

2) Refactored medals functionality

3) Other small bug fixes

New medals and confirmation windows

1) Added a couple of medals for reading the release notes and donations page

2) Added confirmation popups for some of the forms to prevent information lose.

3) Refactored some parts of the website and fixed a few minor bugs

Minor improvements

1) Refactored the sorting and searching mechanisms for the debates list page, now it should be working in a more intuitive way.

2) Refactored participants' forum topics list page and added one more timestamp for the time of the topic's creation.

Rich editor links behaviour change

Now the links created using the rich text editor (i.e. forum posts and debate arguments) are opened in a new tab when clicked.

General improvements

1) Renamed favorites to subscriptions to better emphasise the semantic roles. It's worth pointing out that at some point functionality of subscriptions will be extended to allow users to select what object changes they'd like to get notifications about.

2) Refactored office friends list page. Now it's possible to see the rejected friendships (until they get automatically deleted) and which side rejected it.

PS I apologize for the longer down time which was caused by some unforeseen problems during the deployment.

Leaderboards update and bug fixes

1) Updated the leaderboards so that they only include participants that have at least 1 debate or published forum post.

2) Removed Registration date column from the debates leaderboard and added Votes and Comments instead.

3) Fixed a bug where leaderboard username filtering didn't work with pagination.

4) Fixed a bug where debate comments couldn't be deleted if they mention other users [1]

5) Fixed a bug where the rich text editor would overflow its container's borders on the iOS Safari browsers.[2]

[1] Special thanks to RationalMadman for finding the bug.

[2] Special thanks to Ramshutu for finding the bug.

Minor changes

1) Renamed new forum post submission button from Create Post to just Post

2) Removed the Are you sure? popup for the forum post creation form

3) Refactored most of the auth modules.

4) Other minor bug fixed and improvements.

Minor bug fixes

1) Fixed a bug where the new users couldn't access the medals and profile pages until their data is cached.

2) Fixed another bug where the medals assignment could take much longer than expected due to the wrong timezone settings.

3) Fixed webmanifest file, now it should be easier to add the website to the main page of the mobile phone. It's still ugly though :/

Full width messaging system and removal of the blog

The messaging system page no longer has the sidebar on the left, which frees up some space and makes reading and writing longer messages much more comfortable.

The idea of creating a debating blog has apparently failed and due to this fact, the header link to the blog has also been removed.

Code of Conduct update

The Code of Conduct has been updated as discussed in the following forum topic:

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