Minor bug fix

Fixed a bug that prevented from creating forum topics that didn't have at least one word with at least 5 characters.

Minor bug fixes

1) Fixed links to specific comments, votes and questions. Sometimes they redirected to the wrong page, now it works as expected.

2) Fixed some input validations

Minor bug additions and bug fixes

1) Fixed a bug which preventing the messaging system from working in a real time mode.

2) Added a Twitter link to the footer.

New medals and Google Auth fix

1) Fixed the bug that would not allow users to sign in or sign up using a Google account is fixed.

2) Bumped the characters limit for forum posts from 5,000 to 10,000.

3) Introduced some new medals for asking and answering questions.

Extended bans information

Before today, the server wasn't storing any information about the bans' reasons, the bans duration and the mod who applied the ban. This release fixes it.

From today on, for every ban that the mods apply, they would have to provide the reason and the date when the ban will be automatically lifted ( unless lifted manually before that date).

There is one gotcha though, since all the bans that were applied before today don't have this information, the default end date was set to a date 100 years from now to make it more obvious that it's an old ban with unknown end date. Also since there wasn't information about the mod who applied some specific ban, by default it's assumed to be Virtuoso, because currently he's the only one with permissions to do that.

The bottom line is that unless the mods reban profiles again using the new interface, some information may be incorrect but it will be fixed with time.

Major refactoring

The website's code has been partially rewritten to improve code quality, optimize performance, add some minor features and fix known bugs.


1) Added History category for debates.

2) Added new debates sorting option: Voting period end. It's only visible when filtering by Status is set to Voting.

3) Added some additional debates indicators for debates that have a banned participant and debates in which both participants have relatively high ratings.

4) Fixed the header search bar, now it works as expected.

5) Added a small reminder on the main forum page to read and accept the CoC since most likely there will be changes that will prevent access to some features unless the CoC has been read and accepted.

6) Improved permissions system. Now mods can manage users' permissions in a bit more granular way.

7) Added checks to prevent assignment of debate contenders or judges that have blocked the user creating the debate.

8) Added some small indicators for the users that are currently online or the users that have blocked the current user.

9) Added highlighting for the current user in the leaderboards.

10) Improved avatars quality. The minimal size has been bumped from 140x140 to 400x400 to support screens with higher pixels density.

11) Changed leaderboards columns to provide more interesting and useful information.

12) The debates page in the office space now have highlighting for the debates that require the user's action.

13) Some other things that I have forgotten about.

Minor fixes

1) Fixed some SEO related issues.

2) Added indicators for debates that have voting period ending in less than 3 days.

3) Fixed some minor forum bug

Main page update

The main page that we had since the website's release was not exactly the best so it needed to be changed. And now it's finally changed! It's still not a final version but even this initial draft it is already better than what we had before.

New medals and minor fixes

There were some minor UI bugs related to medals that now have been fixed.

Also 4 more medals have been added:

Appreciated contributor, Praised Contributor, Respectful Contributor and Friend Of The Crowd.

Long awaited feature

We now have forum search!

PS It is worth mentioning, it searches only the topics, not the posts. In order to search for posts, I'd need more storage on my server, which I am not willing to pay for, so it will be added when it can be covered with the donations.