Minor fixes

1) Fixed some SEO related issues.

2) Added indicators for debates that have voting period ending in less than 3 days.

3) Fixed some minor forum bug

Main page update

The main page that we had since the website's release was not exactly the best so it needed to be changed. And now it's finally changed! It's still not a final version but even this initial draft it is already better than what we had before.

New medals and minor fixes

There were some minor UI bugs related to medals that now have been fixed.

Also 4 more medals have been added:

Appreciated contributor, Praised Contributor, Respectful Contributor and Friend Of The Crowd.

Long awaited feature

We now have forum search!

PS It is worth mentioning, it searches only the topics, not the posts. In order to search for posts, I'd need more storage on my server, which I am not willing to pay for, so it will be added when it can be covered with the donations.

Some minor forum improvements

1) The main page of the forum now has a special section called "Important topics", which would have links to the topics that can be important for any forum user.

2) Improved the links to the forum topics, now the URLs include a slug, which makes it more readable and optimized for SEO

CoC update

The Code of Conduct has been updated!

New feature

We now have a new feature -> profile questions!

It's a rather raw implementation and will be significantly improved in time but I didn't want you guys to wait for new things even more so here it is :)

Minor changes

1) All debates votes by judges are now marked as unrated, which doesn't change any behaviour, since those debates were unrated from the beginning.

2) Added a button to share stuff on Reddit

3) Improved debate statuses on the office -> debates list page

4) Some minor server improvements

Minor name changes

Renamed the recently introduced debate setting "Moderation" to "Rating mode" to make it more clear what it does and how it works.

Also improved some notification logic for the edited and deleted debates.

Unmoderated debates and debates editing

1) We now have another debate setting called "Moderation". The main difference of moderated debates vs unmoderated debates, from the technical point of view, is that the unmoderated debates do not affect the rating after getting finished.

2) It is not possible to update debates after the initial creation, but not all fields can be changed. If debate has not involved any other participants, then it's allowed to change most of the settings, BUT, if debates does involve other participants, say a contender or a judge, then it's allowed to change only very few settings, mostly topic and descriptions.