Datashake changelog
Datashake changelog

Review Scraper API: Notifications

Review Scraper API users: Say Hello to Notifications!

You now have the ability to set thresholds for all pending jobs in a queue.

How to set threshold:

  • Login to your Datashake Dashboard
  • Navigate to Services -> Review Scraper API or use this link
  • You will see a field named "Pending Jobs Notification Threshold". Set the value based on your preference.

How it works:

  • You will be notified by email as soon as the number of pending jobs go above the threshold.
  • You will also be notified by email as soon as the number of pending jobs go below the threshold.

app_version support for Play Store and App Store reviews

  • Version of the app associated with each user review has been added for App Store and Play Store
  • Review responses for App Store and Play Store now available in the API response.

New Documentation added

New documentation for Datashake APIs have been added.

Links for all pages below:

Ebay product support

We now support scraping reviews from Ebay products, also known as items (sample URL format)

Failed status

We have added the failed status to our jobs, which signifies that a job has been retried multiple times and ultimately failed. Most often this occurs when the provided review profile throws repeated exception in our system.

Learn more about our job statuses here:

Callback status tracking

We are now tracking the HTTP code responses on your callbacks, and exposing those in your dashboard to help in your debugging. HTTP codes 200-299 will show as SENT in green, while any other HTTP codes will show as FAILED in red.

Payment receipts

We have made a fix which caused multiple payment receipts to be sent in succession for the same payment, and apologize for the inconvenience. This was an issue with our system that sends receipts and not with billings.

Guideline URL formats

We have added a list of guideline URL formats to help you submit profiles to the Review Scraper API:

API rate limiting

In an effort to improve the availability of our APIs, we have implemented a rate limitation of 10 requests per second per user. We are monitoring how this affects our reliability and will make changes accordingly.

New status page

We've made our new status page available to show you our current status and historic uptime across our services: