Dashboardhc news
Dashboardhc news

Tooltips, Rearrange Dashboard & More





Our latest update to DashboardHC has a few goodies in it.

  1. New & Improved Tooltips
  2. Rearrange Dashboard Feature
  3. Improved Custom Date Range Interaction

We had a regional VP at a client of ours let us know that the custom date range interaction was frustrating to work with. We are so grateful for that feedback, this allows us the opportunity to continually improve the our product & service!

If you have a thought on how we can improve our product, reach out at help@dashboardhc.com.

DashboardHC + PowerBI





Our core service is managing your data, making sure it is healthy, working with you on updating calculations and being your data team. We offer fast and easy reporting through our custom reporting portal. With all that said, we can visualize the data using other systems like Excel and now… PowerBI! Want us to create a new PowerBI dashboard for you? Reach out!

Automated Documentation





On each chart there is a new question (?) mark icon that will let you see the documentation behind each chart. Along with this documentation, you can drill down to explore how every metric in your data warehouse is calculated!

Web App Remembers You





Our mobile app has the ability to remember your credentials after you login.

We have added a similar feature to our web app. Going forward it will remember your e-mail so that all you need to do is a type in your password.

We are working hard to make sure there is little in the way between you and your data!

Improved COVID Census Tracking





Everyone's COVID census has been based on active census who have an active COVID diagnosis.

The problem is, no one has been properly resolving diagnosis once patients have fully recovered from COVID.

This has made your COVID census inaccurate and largely overstated. What we have done to improve the data quality and make it more meaningful AUTOMATICALLY.

Anyone with a COVID diagnosis, who is an active patient 14 days past their on set date, we automatically consider "resolved". This removes them from the COVID census count, since they are still an active patient long past their initial diagnosis date.

Redesigned Menu & New Tutorial Feature





Check out our new left panel menu, it is much more intuitive with better look and feel.

We've added a new tutorial feature. You can find it in bottom of our newly updated menu. It walks new users through our app and how to get the most out of DashboardHC.

Dashboard Sharing





We have an exciting new feature that lets you share your dashboards with other users as well as sharing dashboards with external users. The sharing feature allows your to remove access as well so that your accounts are always safe and secure.

Only share dashboards with people & organizations that you trust! To reduce concern, DashboardHC does not have any HIPAA data.

Watch below to learn more.

ALOS Update





Updated ALOS metric to only analyze Discharged/Deceased residents for a given period. This is more inline with how PCC calculates LOS.

We created a new metric called 'PCC ALOS' which calculates in the same as the PointClickCare Length of Stay by Discharged Reason report.

Watch the video example of how it works. Let us know you think!

Admissions Update





It was brought to our attention this week that the way we were calculation admissions was wrong. It was overstating the admissions!

We identified that in some circumstances, we were double counting admissions when a payer change happened shortly after.

This issue has been updated.

This is a good reminder, our goal is to continually grow this platform adding new features, adding new datasets and most importantly keeping information meaningful & accurate.

If you find data that doesn't look right, please let us know so that we can have the opportunity to improve the service and better serve you.

Thanks so much!

Updated Credit Balance Calculation





We've been calculating credit balances by looking a 13 month period and looking at buckets by payer only. We wanted to improve this calculation and make it more conservative to show credit balances in aging buckets going out to 24 months and running it by patient.

With this change you will see increased aging credit balances outstanding. It is a better, more conservative number to work with. It better highlights clean up that needs to happen with your business office.