Duplicate A Shared Activity

If you are in a Team which has a parent Organization above it, when creating an activity you are able to choose Display to all teams within your organization. This activity then appears on the Organization Calendar of all teams within your organization.

This is useful when creating activities such as training exercises that are open to other teams within your organization.

Now we've added a new button Use As Template > [Add Event] on the right sidebar of shared activities.

2019-10-04 at 18.09.jpg

Use this new button to create a duplicate of the shared activity within your own team if you have members attending so you can track attendees and your own paperwork for it.

A draft activity with the following matching information will be started:

  • Ref
  • Organization Tracking Number
  • Location Coordinates
  • Street Address
  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time
  • Description
  • Tags

(Note: Only the text part of the ref will duplicate, your team account will still auto-generate its own new sequential activity number.)