CSS Scan changelog
CSS Scan changelog

3.9.4 Update




πŸ“±πŸ’»πŸ–₯ Copy, inspect, and edit Media Queries

Now you can copy, inspect, and edit CSS media queries.

You can also see which media queries currently match your device and which don't.

You'll get all media queries when copying or exporting elements in a single click.




πŸš€ Edit pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, and keyframes!

Edit everything on the Code Editor, including pseudo-classes such as :hover, pseudo-elements like :before, and @keyframes animations.




✨ 2 new ways of copying selectors: Original or Smartly Generated

You can now choose how you want CSS Scan to copy the CSS selectors of the elements.

It can copy the original CSS selectors or smartly generate selectors on the fly that will not collide with each other (as in previous versions).

You'll find these options on the Options menu, under "Copy preferences for CSS selectors".




✏️ A complete rewrite of the Inspect, Copy, and Export to Codepen features

I've entirely rewritten the code for the most important part of CSS Scan: the part where it gets the CSS code of elements.

It is infinitely more precise and reliable and captures Inherited styles with their original units (not everything in pixels).

Many optimizations and checks are done on every selector so that the exported or copied code gives you an exact copy of the element most of the time.

However, it can be slower than the last versions (because it checks much more things). So I'll try to fix that in future updates.

I've been working on this inspection algorithm for three years since the first CSS Scan version, and it has become amazingly advanced. Thanks for supporting me all this time <3

Saw an element that is not being copied correctly? Please let me know here, and I'll fix it for you :)




🟦 New Options Menu

I've removed, added, and re-ordered some options to make CSS Scan even easier to use for you.




🏁 Better translations

Some translations were missing and are now fixed. If any translation is wrong, please let me know here. Or, if you want to help me translate CSS Scan to your language, click here.




πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» A better Code Editor

When creating new lines on the Code Editor, the caret will stay in the correct position. This significantly improves the experience when writing code.




🐞 Bug fixes

I've fixed 6 bugs. Enjoy a more stable tool!

πŸ’– Thanks for supporting my work!