CSS Scan changelog
CSS Scan changelog

3.8.1 Update





✏️ Changelog

With the new changelog, you can check every CSS Scan update since version 2.7.1. Check it here.





✌️ Full Tailwind support

Now Tailwind CSS selectors are copied the right way.





👩‍🔬 CSS inspection algorithm improvements

Better than ever, the generated CSS code when copying and inspecting elements is now more precise.





🔍 More specific CSS selectors when copying or exporting elements

CSS Scan now generates more specific CSS selectors for child elements, so the result you get when exporting elements to Codepen, for example, is more similar to the original elements.





🏠 Scan localhost websites in Safari (and all other browsers)

Now you can scan the CSS of localhost websites in all extensions (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari - thanks to Paul!).





🐞 Bug fixes

We've fixed 4 bugs. Enjoy a more stable tool!

💖 Thanks for supporting our work!