CSS Scan changelog
CSS Scan changelog

3.3 Update





⚙️ HTML attributes

Now you can scan the HTML attributes of any element! Useful to check if your images have the attribute "alt", for example.

Pin the CSS window (with the space bar key) and click on it to expand, or have it always expanded by toggling on your Options > Display > HTML attributes expanded.





🤝 Tailwind pseudo-classes support

CSS Scan now works with Tailwind - it gets and copies the values for pseudo-classes the right way.





✌️ Fix CORS

There was a new Chrome update that limited CSS Scan's scan feature (mostly on big websites). We've now updated our code to work with any website's CORS settings.





👩‍🔬 CSS inspection algorithm improvements

You'll notice that the generated code is now more precise and reliable.





🗣 Japanese translation

こんにちは! CSS Scan is now available in Japanese thanks to @hiyukoim!

💖 Thanks for supporting our work!