CSS Scan changelog
CSS Scan changelog

3.2 Update





📏 Guidelines

The easiest way to check the alignments of elements. You can disable this option on "Options > Display > Guidelines".





💡 Tooltips

We've added tooltips to the buttons (icons) on pinned CSS windows so you know what you can do with them: export elements to Codepen, copy CSS code or close the window.





😉 Scan always starts enabled

If you open the extension with the shortcut, the scan will start as enabled instead of disabled. Thanks, Wilbert and Tim!





⚙️ Export to Codepen with preprocessor setted

If your settings are to copy pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements as nested, when you export elements to Codepen, it'll automatically export it with SCSS setted as the CSS preprocessor.





🗣 New translations and improvements

CSS Scan is now available in Romanian (thanks to Alina), and Telugu (thanks to Mani).

The Italian translation was also improved (thanks to Emanuele).

💖 Thank you for supporting our work! We'll keep working hard on making your life easier and your workflow faster.