CSML updates
CSML updates

New NLP and AI configuration tester





You can now directly test your NLP (Natural Language Processing) configuration inside CSML Studio and quickly see how your bot will react to user inputs.

Inside the new and improved AI & NLU section, you can now configure your favorite NLP service and configure rules for intent or sentence detection by the chatbot, and immediately test your settings in the right-side Tester panel.

With this new panel, you can try various user text inputs and see how the chatbot would react:

  • Is the NLU provider properly configured?
  • Has an intent been detected by your NLU provider?
  • Does this input trigger any specific flow in your bot?
  • What does the CSML event look like?

This improvement has been designed to speed up development times for developers who use Natural Language Understanding in their chatbot. We plan a few more features in the NLU space over the next few months, so stay tuned!