🏷️ You can now group monitors by tags

I'm excited to ship monitor tags today. Tags are a great way to group your monitors and filter them. I hope this is useful :) If you have any feature suggestions please reach out to me. Thanks - Tigran

πŸŽ‰ Cronhub CLI is released!

Hi there! I'm excited to launch the initial version of Cronhub CLI. It's a command-line tool that you can install in your system to easily interact with your Cronhub monitors.

It only supports simple commands for now but I plan to add more commands in the future. My plan is to automate the manual work that you do in order to integrate your jobs with the monitors.

More compact Overview page 😍

Hey everyone.πŸ‘‹πŸ» I hope you're doing well.

I shipped a new version of the Overview page. It includes charts and the past pings. I thought bringing all these into a single page would add clarity. I hope you will like it :)


πŸ” Simple Monitor Search

For those of you who have many monitors, I've built a very simple search box for easy monitor find. I think this will be useful. :)

😍 Receive alerts with PagerDuty!

I'm back from vacation, very well rested and super pumped to continue working on Cronhub. Thanks for being a Cronhub user and customer. It really means a lot to me. πŸ’œ

Today, I'm happy to share that now you can connect your team PagerDuty account with Cronhub and receive alerts.

You can head to your account settings page to see the integration and learn more about it.

We now support /fail endpoint

Cronhub support /fail endpoint now. You can ping this endpoint from your job to acknowledge a failure. After receiving a failure ping we will change the state of the monitor to "⚠️ALERT" and notify you and your team. I hope this is useful. Read more in the docs.

😍 Better looking weekly reports

This Saturday I worked on improving the weekly reports that Cronhub sends out every Sunday. From your active feedback, I've made the following improvements.

  • The report is more visually appealing now
  • The report has weekly metrics for each cron job you monitor. This includes the number of times your job ran, failed and the success rate within the past week.

Just an example here for you to see. Screen Recording 2018-08-18 at 04.12 PM.gif

If you have feedback on this please reach out to me :) - Tigran

πŸ”₯ Cronhub Public API is here

I'm so excited to finally launch Cronhub's Public API. With this, we can start building third-party integrations, language wrappers, and CLI tools for Cronhub. Exciting, right?

I'm more than motivated to continue improving the product and make your experience better. If you have feedback please let me know.

I have another exciting announcement next week. Stay tuned!

Tigran πŸ€—

πŸ“Š Improved monitor metrics view

I've switched to HighCharts in monitor metrics page. This will improve the view visually as well allow you to zoom in your charts. I hope you will like it. I'm going to add more useful charts to the metrics page. Any metric you care to see?

πŸš€ πŸ”” Sent Alerts are now in dashboard!

I'm beyond excited today to launch something I personally wanted to see on Cronhub for some time! Sent Alerts are now available in the dashboard. Every type of alerts that Cronhub sends you will be displayed right in this section.

Soon, I'll be able to display analytics data based on alerts so you know what cron job fails more frequently.

Here is a screenshot!

Image 2018-07-29 at 1.01.38 PM.png

I hope this is useful for you and your team! :) More goodies are coming soon!.


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