New event - supervisor

From now on only the supervisor from the last event will be added to the workplace in the new event.

Users without a shift

In our advanced user search, you can now easily find all the people that either has a shift or do not have any shifts yet. We have also removed the option to search based on t-shirt size.

Tickets with products

We have fixed an issue that could occur if you tried to create a ticket that has associated products attached to it and you did not have an active shop period.

Overview of invitations

The overview of the invitations that you have made, should now be a bit faster to load.

Close event

You can now always close your event if it is active. Closing the event means that new users cannot sign up. To close an event you go to "Settings -> events -> the event you want to close -> the menu (3 small dots) -> Close".

Advanced search

We have made a small design improvement where you can now toggle the advanced user search. So when you have done your search, you can now remove the advanced search fields if they take to much space.

Work plan categories

We have fixed an issue where the overview of settings for a work plan category would not show the correct settings.

Work plans

We have fixed an issue where when you visited a work plan you would not always be taken to the correct date for the next shift.

Selling shifts

We have fixed an issue that could occur when a user wanted to sell their shift. We have also made sure that the display is always updated accordingly.

Missing payments

If you have any missing payments, they will now be shown under your subscription settings with a direct link to pay the outstanding.

Questions or feedback? If you would like to see this in action or if you have questions about this, please chat with us via the in-app messenger or send us an email.