Cratejoy Platform updates
Cratejoy Platform updates

Per-Product Listings Auto-Migration Announcement




PLEASE NOTE: This change only impacts Cratejoy Marketplace Listings.

Over the past year the Cratejoy Marketplace has been transforming from a Per-Store Listing format (only one listing allowed per seller account) to a Per-Product Listing format (multiple listings allowed per seller account, one listing per product).

Starting today, August 2nd, all Cratejoy Marketplace stores may create product listings and convert to Per-Product Listings when ready.

All stores may be auto-migrated on or after September 30th, 2021. Our Cratejoy Product Team is working diligently to make sure that the auto-migration goes as smoothly as possible.

Got questions about how to migrate or anything else related to this change? Attend our Office Hours where the Cratejoy Success & Product Team will be answering your questions live!

  • PPL Office Hours
  • Wednesday, August 25th @ 1 pm CST*
  • Register Here

(*We'll have two other dates for Office Hours in September. Register at the link above.)

We highly recommend manually migrating because:

  • Auto-migration will only migrate your first listed product on your current (per-store) listing; all other products will not be active/represented until you make separate listings for each of them
    • Manually migrating allows you to set up all your active products on visible listings
  • Manually migrating before the deadline allows for more time to properly set up your listings before Holiday Shopping Season
    • Having your listings ready to go early so you don’t miss out on any holiday sales!

(Learn more about how to set up Per-Product Listings here.)

Important Note: Listing Names will no longer be the name of your store.

Each product name will need to be updated because the product name will become the name of the listing.

This is very important because the listing name is what potential customers will see on search results and your storefront.

Product names can always be changed by navigating to the Products tab on your Cratejoy Marketplace Seller Portal.

(While you are migrating and updating your listing use Cratejoy’s Listing Quality Guide to effectively evaluate and improve your products & listings.)

Benefits of Per-Product Listings

  • Improved search visibility = customers find your listing(s) easily & quickly
  • Future growth = design new products to perform better by reaching specific groups of customers
  • More high-quality listings = better represent your product catalog on Cratejoy and more chances to be featured by Cratejoy
  • Update your listings more quickly = after the initial listing approval, you may make edits and updates that will immediately go into effect (without waiting for approval from Cratejoy!)
  • More control over which products get featured = you can now pick and choose which listings you’d like to participate in a Cratejoy Marketplace sales or promotions
  • Present more detailed Shipping Information to customers = access our latest version of the shipping information section in your product listings

(Learn more about how to set up Per-Product Listings here.)

Watch our Per-Product Listing Walkthrough + Q&A hosted by the Cratejoy Product Team:

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