Cratejoy Platform updates
Cratejoy Platform updates

New Feature: the Seller Inbox





We’ve got great news for Cratejoy Marketplace Sellers: the Seller Inbox is live!

This feature will allow you to view and reply to Cratejoy Marketplace customer messages from your Seller Portal.

Previously, any messages from Cratejoy Marketplace customers would come to the email that you designated on your Marketplace Settings tab (or your admin email if you haven’t designated a specific address for customer messages).

Now, those messages will still come to you via email and you can reply as normal. In addition to being able to reply from your email inbox, there is now a Messages tab on the Seller Portal where you can view and reply to these customer messages.

(Note: just like when you are responding via email you can attach images/pdfs (currently limited to just images/pdfs) and they will be sent to the buyer as attachments. Additionally any images/pdfs the buyer sends in response will be displayed in-line in the message inbox along with the message.)

Nothing will change for the customer experience.

All customers will still be able to send messages to your store by clicking on the “Contact Seller” button.

**To read and respond to customer messages from the Seller Portal: **

1. Log in to your Seller Portal. You’ll see a new tab labelled “Messages” on the left side menu.

seller inbox.png

2. Click “Messages”. This will open up your Messages page. You can now read and respond to Cratejoy Marketplace Customer messages!

seller inbox 2.png