DOI's are now a hyperlink!

From your screening lists, if a DOI was imported with your reference, it is now automatically made into a hyperlink, so you can quickly access more information more quickly!

Calling all organizational account admins!

If you're managing an organizational account on Covidence, be sure to look at recent improvements we've made to the interface to make managing your reviews and community easier. More information on new and improved features at:

Need some help getting started with Covidence?

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Need some help with data extraction?

Not sure about how to tackle data extraction using Covidence? Take a look at our 'Getting started with Data Extraction' on our Knowledge Base:

Getting Started

Just getting started with Covidence? Take a look at the 'Getting started' resource on our Knowledge Base for some useful information and links to helpful videos:

Known issue: Studies not displaying

14 January 2019

The Covidence team has been receiving regular reports from users of blank screens when trying to work on studies.

We've identified that this issue is occurring when users try to access Covidence using Internet Explorer. Users should be able to access reviews as normal using Chrome or Firefox.

We also suggest ensuring that your version of Internet Explorer has been updated to the most recent version.

We are working to ensure that users have full access across all browsers at all times. Please contact with any questions or additional issues.

Known issue: Unexpected reference counts with Imports

Covidence had an intense hiccup!

Some imports have been behaving very strangely, multiplying references within the file upon import. This will result in wildly unexpected reference counts -- 5000 studies imported from a file only containing 2200 references.

If you have experienced this issue:

The underlying problem causing this has been corrected, and we are continuing to check and double check to make sure this doesn't happen again!

Votes re-appearing

It was brought to our team's attention that occasionally when voting, studies would re-appear in the voting queue with the previously cast vote greyed out.

Super annoying!

Luckily our fabulous tech team has done some tweaking to make this problem go away. So you can keep on voting at your amazingly high speeds without worries and without having to refresh your page all the time.

Deleting custom tags!

Did a few members of your team get a little too tag-happy? Did you make a typo when you added a tag? Fear no more, you can now delete those pesky superfluous tags from your settings page!

From your review dashboard, click on Settings, then on Study tags. You won't be able to delete the pre-populated tags (i.e. Awaiting classification and Ongoing study), but all others can be deleted from this page. You can also easily add tags from here!

Happy reviewing! Let us know what you think on Twitter @Covidence, or at

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