Deleting custom tags!

Did a few members of your team get a little too tag-happy? Did you make a typo when you added a tag? Fear no more, you can now delete those pesky superfluous tags from your settings page!

From your review dashboard, click on Settings, then on Study tags. You won't be able to delete the pre-populated tags (i.e. Awaiting classification and Ongoing study), but all others can be deleted from this page. You can also easily add tags from here!

Happy reviewing! Let us know what you think on Twitter @Covidence, or at

We're hiring! Community manager

Ready to be a Covidence user champion? Covidence is seeking to grow our user engagement and support team with a North American based Community Manager. For further details and to apply: Referrals and direct applications also welcome

Templating of custom text fields

We have good news - now when you add a custom text field to your review template form in Data Extraction this field will copy across to all newly opened forms!

Delete a PDF

You can now delete a PDF without the need to first upload a second one - Hooray!

Display of duplicates detected by Covidence

You ask, we listen! We're excited to show you the first in a series of changes we are making to the way in which you can view and manage the duplicates detected by Covidence.

You'll notice now that we display several additional fields: journal, year and page numbers.

You can also view all duplicates detected in the file, as opposed to ten at time, with those most recently detected at the top of your list.

View the progress of your current import as well as a list of your previous imports from your review dashboard

Fasten your seat belt and get ready to experience one of the many changes that are happening to our Importer. Now you'll notice that when you import a file of citations, you're redirected to your review dashboard where you can see the progress of your import in real time. You can also view the list of previous imports here.

New location of import and export tools

We’ve expanded the import tool and moved the export tool.

Now you can view previous imports and import new files directly from your review dashboard.

This is only the beginning of some exciting changes that we are making to our importer. Please continue to watch this space for more updates!

Update to the Bulk upload PDFs tool

If you're on a paid or Cochrane review, you'll notice that we've moved the bulk PDF importer (beta) from the import studies tool to the top of your list of studies for full text review.

PRISMA flow diagram

Covidence has always automatically populated your PRISMA flow diagram. This includes calculating the number of duplicates automatically detected by Covidence, as well as showing the reasons for exclusion at the full text review screening stage.

Rather than accessing this using the Export studies tool, you can now access your PRISMA flow diagram directly from your review dashboard page. Just click on the icon located at the top right of screen!

Data Extraction improvement - data handling

We've made some recent improvements to the handling of data entered into Data Extraction.

You might now notice that there is no default number of decimal places, and if you delete data from a cell it won't default to a zero value.

Got any ideas on other improvements that we could make? Contact us through our support channel.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Covidence will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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