⚡ Drill-down into your data faster

We have made some improvements to the time-series chart allowing you to drill down into a date range quickly and easily. Click on any point on the chart to zoom in on that interval, or click and drag to select a wider period. Choosing a timeframe never felt so satisfying!

Head over to our Help Center to learn more.

🔎 Get more details about specific transactions

Our Charges list just received a significant upgrade. You can now click on any transaction to get more details such as the customer’s name, the transaction’s description, or the items sold (some fields may not be available depending on your payment platforms).

We will be adding more information to the charges details in the next few weeks.

Read more in our Help Center.

📊 Export your charts

You can now export all of your charts as image files so that you can share them with your team, spice up your next presentation, or print them and display them somewhere in your office. We even support SVG format to make sure they will look sharp in any situation.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Control will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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