ContentCal release notes
ContentCal release notes

May 11, 2020





ContentCal 2.4 🏡


📊 Analytics refresh

In this release, we've made some updates to make analytics look and work better for you. There's much more to come for analytics, and our team is fully focused on our all-new analytics product- coming soon to a screen near you.

Released in 2.4…

  • New 'Breakdown' graphs, which allows you to see stats on a per-day basis.
  • Improved axis labeling.
  • Full-width graphs for better visibility and exporting.
  • The color of graphs and charts now matches your Navigation color. Top Tip: To change the color, head to Setup, then to 'Custom Navigation Color.'
  • Design facelift and minor updates to PDF exports.


📹 Custom video thumbnails for Facebook

If you post videos to your Facebook Page, you can now select a custom thumbnail from a frame in the video. To do this, click into the video thumbnail from the Post Modal, pause your video at the frame you want to use, then click the Use current frame as video thumbnail button.


📊 Keyboard shortcuts

We've added keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

  • Press the left or right keys on your keyboard to switch weeks/months.
  • Access functions like Filters, Search, Post Modal, and more, with a single keyboard shortcut.
  • Plus, many more.



✨ Add Calendar posts to Library

By popular request, you can now add posts from your Calendar into your Content Hub Library. This action is available from the right-click menu.



  • Fixed issue with Bitly links causing multiple 301 redirects
  • Fixed issue whereby some people were experiencing uploads via 'Add media' not uploading as expected.
  • General bug fixes and stability updates.